Hong Kong Lunar New Year Holiday

In Hong Kong, Lunar New Year is also the Chinese New Year. It is one of the most glorious holidays in the city’s year. It is considered to be the New Year’s first day and is not the same as the Georgian calendar. The day is also the Spring Festival in Hong Kong while each year is symbolized by a zodiac animal-symbol. Officially, Lunar New Year is officially celebrated for 3 days in Hong Kong. It can even be for 4 days in case the holiday falls on a Sunday. In Hong Kong, this occasion is celebrated for up to a fortnight. The holiday marks the beginning of the New Year as per the Chinese calendar. Based on the Georgian calendar, the day either falls in January or in the month of February.

DateDayPublic Holiday
25 Jan 2020SaturdayChinese Lunar New Year 2020
12 Feb 2021FridayChinese Lunar New Year 2021
1 Feb 2022FridayChinese Lunar New Year 2022
21 Jan 2023SaturdayChinese Lunar New Year 2023
10 Feb 2024SaturdayChinese Lunar New Year 2024
29 Jan 2025WednesdayChinese Lunar New Year 2025

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Discover the Best Things to See and Do During Lunar New Year in Hong Kong

The Lunar New Year is the most important public holiday in Hong Kong. It marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

How Do They Celebrate This Holiday in Hong Kong?

Lunar New Year in Hong KongAll over the world in general and Hong Kong in particular, the Chinese communities celebrate the occasion with music, fragrance, colour, and special events. In fact, it is that time of the year in Hong Kong, when there are massive festivities, fortune-telling, temple rituals, exchange of gifts, and family gatherings over the holiday. The city of Hong Kong allures the locals and visitors alike with a plethora of things to do and see. It is a wonderful time of the year for all the people of Hong Kong irrespective of their age-groups. Also, the Lunar New Year is the longest and the most important of all festivals in China. They celebrate with great zeal by the Chinese communities all over the world. People in Hong Kong also wear new clothes to mark the festivity.

What to Do During the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong?

Some of the activities to mark the Chinese New Year in Hong are as follows:

Shopping for Their Loved Ones

Lunar New Year in Hong KongIt is that time of the year when people in Hong Kong love to exchange gifts with their loved ones and thus indulge in quite a lot of shopping. Also, shopping and souvenir highlight all parts of the city with beautiful flower markets selling more than flowers like orchids. People in Hong Kong are purchasing kumquat bonsai trees apart from hong bao and orange trees hoping that they will bring them prosperity and good luck for the remaining days of the year.

Offering Prayers to Deities

The Lunar New Year’s 2nd day sees a member of the government of Hong Kong visiting the Che Kung Temple located at Sha Tin. It is where they get the prediction of the city’s luck for the entire year through an ancient form of Chinese poetry. The temple has more than 100,000 worshippers every year who worship the deity and beat the drum with the hope of good luck.

Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

Both young and heart and young people in Hong Kong visit places like the Hong Kong Disneyland and several other popular theme parks that further multiply the festivities. These visits make the holiday truly a fabulous time of togetherness for all the family members in the city.

Participating in Dragon and Lion Dances

It is that time of the year when people love taking part in intriguing dragon and lion dances in Hong Kong. They are also participating in various kinds of festive parades that feature beating gongs, clashing cymbals, and acrobatic demonstrations among others.

Marvel at the Spectacular FireworksLunar New Year in Hong Kong

A visit to the Victoria Harbor in the evening of the Chinese New Year is a must when the city, water, and the skylight up with the colours of thousands of spectacular fireworks, which colour the land beautifully. It is truly an amazing visual treat, which should not be missed at any cost. Tsim Sha Tsui’s harbourfront comes alive with the fabulous Chinese New Year Night Parade. Chinese performers are a part of this parade and excite the atmosphere of this magnificent city.

Family and Friends’ Gatherings

Many people in Hong Kong love to host a lavish banquet for their loved ones, friends and family to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style. Several kids get lucky monkeys, hand over to them in red envelopes. The doors of the houses are open on this auspicious occasion so that good luck can enter.

In Hong Kong, the Lunar New Year is celebrated as a public holiday as mentioned earlier. The general population gets the day off while business and schools remain closed. As the Chinese New Year is on a Saturday in 2020, some businesses can opt to follow the opening hours of a normal Saturday. Also, some public utilities and banks in Hong Kong are on holidays to mark the occasion. Stalls and street markets are also on holiday during that day. At the same time, a majority of the restaurants and shops in the city’s bustling business districts remain open. In fact, some stores and malls can even extend their operational hours. Important attractions, public transport, and theme parks will remain open as usual.

Lunar New Year in Hong Kong