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Profitable Small Business Ideas in Hong Kong You Can Start Today

Business Ideas in Hong KongHong Kong may be a thriving international business hub for company registration, but choosing the right profitable small business idea in Hong Kong to start is still essential to ensure your success.

Many entrepreneurs, especially those looking to start a business for the very first time, have their sights set on Hong Kong. That’s because of the many profitable small business ideas in Hong Kong and the choice of industries that they can consider. With several options to choose from, it is essential to choose the business that is going to be just right for you

If you’re wanting to incorporate a company in Hong Kong, but you’re not quite sure where to begin, then you’ll find this guide very helpful. Take a look at the list of Hong Kong’s most profitable small business ideas and see which one strikes your interest the most:


An Application Development Business

Web and app development is something that is going to be constantly in demand, and there’s a need for app developers to fill that growing market.


A Website Development and Design Business

Online marketing is among the biggest business trends of today, thanks to the digitalised age that we live in. If technology is your calling, this could be a lucrative small business idea in Hong Kong to get started.


A Catering Service Business

You don’t need a lot of capital to get started with this one, which is why it is a profitable small business in Hong Kong to consider. If you love to cook and you do it well, all you’ll need is some essential equipment and a place to cook to get you set up.


A Consultancy Service Business

Entrepreneurs just like you come from all over the world to start their own business venture in Hong Kong, and they’ll always need the services of a consultancy firm to help them navigate the ropes in a foreign country.


A Travel Agency Business

Hong Kong has a constant influx of tourists visiting its shores annually, and they’re going to need to services of a travel agency to help them get the best holiday experience in Hong Kong. License is required when operating a travel agency business in Hong Kong.


A Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Business

If you’ve got a talent and a love for numbers, this is the profitable small business idea for you. Moreover, the advantage that this business model has is that you don’t need an expensive premise or even fancy equipment to start your business.


A Cleaning Services Business

A demand that will never diminish anytime soon is the need for cleaning services. With a low overhead cost and some investment in cleaning supplies, your profitable business will be ready to go in no time.


A Real Estate Brokering Business

With this business model, your job is to act as an intermediary between those who are looking to buy and sell real estate. To be successful with this small business idea in Hong Kong, you need good connections and a brokerage license.


An Online Tutoring Business

A passion for teaching is the primary tool that you need to make this small business opportunity in Hong Kong to work.


A Marketing Services Business

Marketing agencies are among the most highly sought after businesses in Hong Kong because of the constant demand for businesses to create brand awareness for the survival of their business.


A Logo Designing Business

You’ll always be in demand with this small business idea because companies will constantly need logo designers for their business. With new start-ups emerging all the time, there is a demand for those who have got a creative talent.


A Tech and IT Support Business

Going digital has created plenty of new small business ideas and opportunities today. Another trending and very profitable start-up that you can consider is a technical and IT support services business.

Business Ideas in Hong Kong


A Call Centre Business

There’s a reason why international firms in America and the UK, even Europe choose to set up their call centre hubs in Asian countries. Because it is a lot more cost effective to do so. Which is what makes it another small profitable business idea that you can consider venturing into.

Business Ideas in Hong Kong