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Hong Kong’s Limitless Tourists Attraction is an Invitation to Visitors World Over

How to Set Up a Hotel Business in Hong Kong

The vibrant city of Hong Kong never ceases to amaze people. As an established global business and financial hub, Hong Kong also has its tourist attractions. Besides the apparent shopping destination, Hong Kong has ancient temples, admirable hiking trails, amusement parks and picturesque fishing villages. If you have visited Hong Kong once or several times, you can tell that tourist attractions are scattered all over Hong Kong. For the fit and energetic traveller, going the distance to reach the attractions will be a great time to explore Hong Kong on foot. But for the less abled traveller, hotels nearer to the interests and friendlier for them are welcome. Thus, you can think to set up a hotel business in Hong Kong to fill such needs.


City Centre Charm

Most visitors to Hong Kong will go for the endless shopping enchantment. Some visitors may rank Hong Kong’s various cuisines as their top reason for visiting the city. It merely implies that Hong Kong has its allure and people are flocking the city for different reasons only known to them. A stay in the town will probably be detrimental to your bank balance. But everyone knows that shopping is therapy, retail therapy. Even more so, if you get bargain value buys. It is a sense of achievement for some people. The city centre of Hong Kong dazzles people by day and night. Hence, a day visit to Hong Kong is never enough. Visitors will be staying at hotels that accommodate their budget and comfort level. With that need in mind, you can set up a hotel business in Hong Kong that offers more than just an overnight stay.


Service Spirit

For the entrepreneur in you, setting up a hotel in Hong Kong may be different from your homeland. If you are genuinely interested in providing a comfortable stay for visitors to Hong Kong, then start with a needs research. Identify which area you wish to set up a hotel. The options are to acquire a building and turn it into a hotel or build up from scratch. You may have to lease the property or purchase it from the current owner. Building up a hotel from scratch may require larger financing and the need to engage contractors to get things going. But with accommodation from the ground up, you can have better control of the hotel layout. Otherwise, you will have to renovate a current building layout to meet your expectations. After confirming your research, you can now incorporate a company. Hong Kong makes company incorporation for foreigners as easy as it can be. After much-needed renovation works, it is time to obtain the necessary licenses to function as a hotel. Hotel operation licensing is issued by the Office of Licensing Authority under the Home Affairs Department. If your hotel has a restaurant, you need to acquire a General Restaurant License. For such, your hotel restaurant must adhere to health, fire safety and building safety requirements.

How to Set Up a Hotel Business in Hong Kong