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Guide to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Part of Hong Kong Immigration Department

Guide to Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, better known as HKSAR, is part of the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The HKSAR is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the effective control and enforcement of Hong Kong’s immigration laws.

The HKSAR has set up an easy to navigate portal, focused on being oriented towards the needs of their customers. The platform acts as a quick, easy and convenient gateway for those who need to access the HKSAR’s service related information.


Responsibilities of HKSAR

The HKSAR is tasked with several responsibilities under its jurisdiction, among which is to ensure the easy facilitation of travel for the convenience of the tourists who visit its shores. HKSAR also oversees the travel of the local residents and those visiting Hong Kong on business. These efforts are aimed at ensuring Hong Kong continues to maintain its reputation as a strong international tourism hub, trade and financial centre.

Under the HKSAR, the locals in Hong Kong are provided with several services, which include the issuing of passports by the department. HKSAR also oversees matters relating to travel documentation, as well as the handling of nationality related matters, identity cards and visas. Additionally, the registration of births, marriages and deaths is also done through the HKSAR.

The HKSAR is part of the Immigration Department’s initiative to fulfil its promise of contributing towards Hong Kong’s prosperity and security. For more information about the HKSAR, visit their website here.