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Getting to Know Hong Kong’s Culture


A Unique Fusion of East and West, Hong Kong Is Rich in Culture and History

Culture of Hong KongThe people. The food. The Kung Fu. No other culture is unique like the culture of Hong Kong. A blend of east meets west makes Hong Kong one of a kind in Asia.


Hong Kong Culture and People Like No Other

Hong Kong is home to a multitude of people from all sorts of backgrounds. British, Cantonese, Jews, Indians and Shanghainese form its primary population. As such, Hong Kong’s culture is primarily Cantonese. Therefore, you’ll find it rooted in plenty of long-standing Chinese traditions. This includes concepts like modesty, familial bonds, glory for family, and “saving face” to preserve the family’s honour. These concepts carry a tremendous weight in the culture of Hong Kong, despite adopting several western approaches over the years.

Cantonese is the widely spoken language here, aside from English. Hong Kong’s Government adopted the “bi-literate and trilingual” approach. This means that both Chinese and English are the official language. Chinese roots are so deep-seated in Hong Kong culture that it extends even to religious beliefs. You’ll find plenty of Taoist and Buddhist temples around here. Among the religions in this region include Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity to name just a few. Many locals have even embraced the Taoist teachings Feng Shui (Wind and Water).


The Cultural Identity of The Nation

After being colonised for 156 years by the British, many western influences remain as part of the culture of Hong Kong. It’s laws, cuisine, language, education, politics and school of thought has elements of British influence remaining to this day. This unique quality is something many Hong Kongers are proud of. Its unique history is how they distinguish themselves from mainland China.


Food and Entertainment in Hong Kong Culture

Asian food has always been an exciting burst of flavours, and Hong Kong is no exception. As Asia’s culinary capital, it boasts a vast array of delicacies to tantalise your taste buds, both local and foreign. Hong Kong culture – and its food – are influenced by both western and Asian flavours. The result is a feast that is sure to delight all who live or visit Hong Kong.

It seems a lot of Hong Kong’s culture is influenced by fusion. Including Kung Fu, which has now been widely accepted as both a form of exercise and entertainment. The country has become renowned for its Kung Fu-themed movies over the years. Aside from this, Tai Chi is another exercise form that has become the norm. Strolling through the parks at dawn, it’s not uncommon to see locals taking part in Tai Chi.

Another popular entertainment form in Hong Kong culture is the highly respectable Cantonese Opera. An exciting blend of music, Chinese legend and drama, watching these exciting performances is quite a sight to behold. In fact, Hong Kong values the opera so much that various training programmes are offered for the people. The University of Hong Kong, for example, offers courses in Cantonese opera. An English version of the opera is even offered, and has been met with great success amongst foreigners.