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Free Hong Kong Company Name Check – Benefit for Entrepreneurs

Though it should come as no surprise that different people would choose the same company name, no two limited companies in Hong Kong are allowed to share/have the same company name. Complete form located at this page to get a Free Hong Kong Company Name Check on Hong Kong company name availability. Our company incorporation package included free Hong Kong company name search and HK company name check.

In Hong Kong, a business name is defined as the name that a business uses in operation. A business name can be different from a trademark used by the business for identification and promotion of products and services (as offered by the business). Do note that registering a business name does not guarantee that other person’s registered trademark will not be infringed – especially when the business name is similar as or confusingly similar to the existing registered trademark.

Hong Kong Company Incorporation Services – 3E Accounting Can Assist You

3E Accounting Limited can help you to conduct a free Hong Kong company name check

Is Hong Kong Company Name Check Necessary?

Generally, company names are doled out on a first-come, first served basis. If your proposed company name has been registered or proposed to be registered by another company, the application of that company name will be rejected. In addition to this, you might run into trademark issues if your company and other’s fall within the same category or are confusingly similar. You might be liable for trademark infringement or trademark dilution if your company name is substantially similar to the existing company name.

As such, running a Hong Kong company name check on Hong Kong company name availability has become a necessary step to rule out the possibilities of duplication as well as to ensure the availability of the name that you select. The company name check is particularly important to your branding strategy that can distinguish your brand from other existing brands or business names.

How to Run Hong Kong Company Name Check?

To avoid fracas or dispute over similar company name, it is advisable to run a Hong Kong company name search free of charge via:

  • Company Registry’s Cyber Search Centre, or
  • Company Search Mobile Service

Company Registry’s Cyber Search Centre

  • It is one of the company name check platforms that you can perform Hong Kong company name search for free.
  • The Cyber Search Centre of the Integrated Companies Registry Information System (“ICRIS”) allows you to conduct name searches online in either English or Chinese on the current data of registered companies.
  • “Left Partial” or “Exact Name”
    • When you initiate the name search, you are given two choices for name search: left partial or exact name.
    • Left partial, as the name implies, means that if any of those words are in any company name, either active or old, the name will come up.
  • Certified Screen Print
    • You can pay to have a certified screen print – you purchase the right to take a screenshot for professional use.

On top of the online name search services, you can also engage our free name search service.

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Why 3E Accounting?

  • We ensure the name check service is of high accuracy and precision.
  • We ensure quick turnaround and instant reply within 24 hours.
  • We do not charge a single dollar – it is free with no additional charges.
  • Real-time data capture – there is no delay in the timeliness of the information captured.

Free Hong Kong Company Name Check

3E Accounting understands the hassles and difficulties of the process of naming a company. Therefore, we are here to help you out! Contact us today and let us help you to run a name check.