Hong Kong Labour Day Holiday

Labour Day is celebrated all over the world with great fanfare and the city of Hong Kong is not an exception. The day is also referred by many as May Day and International Workers’ Day. Several countries around the world observe Labour Day or May Day as a public holiday. While the day is usually observed on May 1, the date can vary in some countries. The day is related to the beginning of spring and also as a celebration of workers. In Hong Kong too, the day is a holiday for the general population. Most of the businesses and all schools are closed on this day in the city.

01 May 2019WednesdayLabour Day 2019
01 May 2020FridayLabour Day 2020
01 May 2021SaturdayLabour Day 2021
01 May 2022Sunday*Labour Day 2022
02 May 2022MondayLabour Day Holiday 2022
01 May 2023MondayLabour Day 2023
01 May 2024WednesdayLabour Day 2024
01 May 2025WednesdayLabour Day 2025
01 May 2026FridayLabour Day 2026
01 May 2027SaturdayLabour Day 2027
01 May 2028MondayLabour Day 2028
01 May 2029TuesdayLabour Day 2029
01 May 2030WednesdayLabour Day 2030
01 May 2031ThursdayLabour Day 2031
01 May 2032SaturdayLabour Day 2032
01 May 2033Sunday*Labour Day 2033
02 May 2033MondayLabour Day Holiday 2033
01 May 2034MondayLabour Day 2034
01 May 2035TuesdayLabour Day 2035
01 May 2036ThursdayLabour Day 2036
01 May 2037FridayLabour Day 2037
01 May 2038SaturdayLabour Day 2038
01 May 2039Sunday*Labour Day 2039
01 May 2039MondayLabour Day Holiday 2039
01 May 2040TuesdayLabour Day 2040
01 May 2041WednesdayLabour Day 2041
01 May 2042ThursdayLabour Day 2042
01 May 2043FridayLabour Day 2043
01 May 2044Sunday*Labour Day 2044
02 May 2044MondayLabour Day Holiday 2044
01 May 2045MondayLabour Day 2045
01 May 2046TuesdayLabour Day 2046
01 May 2047WednesdayLabour Day 2047
01 May 2048FridayLabour Day 2048
01 May 2049SaturdayLabour Day 2049
01 May 2050Sunday*Labour Day 2050
02 May 2050MondayLabour Day Holiday 2050

Note: Any holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced the following Monday.

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How Do They Celebrate Labour Day?

The movement for the Labour Day has its roots at the end of the 19th as well as 20th centuries. It was an era when the rights of the workers became one of the top priorities in the world. The city of Hong Kong is known to have many public holidays and May Day is also one of them. It is a day when different labour unions, as well as, other workers’ organizations come together.

They participate in parades, come together, and campaign for the rights of the workers in the city. The day is also an occasion in the city when people gift a flower to their loved ones. In Hong Kong, all the shops are closed except for railway stations and airports. Statutory holidays and public holidays in the city are holidays decided by Hong Kong’s Government. These holidays enable the workers to rest from their hard work and celebrate special occasions.

What to Do During Labour Day in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has declared May 1 as Labour Day just like in several countries in the world.

People in Hong Kong Go for ShoppingHong Kong Labour Day Holiday

On May 1, many people in Hong Kong explore shopping destinations such as Causeway and SoHo and indulge in some shopping. The enthusiasm in them is pretty obvious as the malls are full of Hong Kongers on this public holiday. In other words, the day offers ample excuses for the shopaholics to flock to the malls in the city.

Enjoy Going on a Luxury Cruise With Loved Ones

When the Labour Day becomes part of a long weekend (For instance on May 1, 2020), it is a good idea for Hong Kongers to embark upon a luxury cruise with their dear ones. Imagine a luxury cruise picking you up on Friday night and enjoy a memorable party. Many cruises also offer a fitness retreat, as well as, other activities such as Pilates, spinning, and yoga and games like dodgeball. The long weekend can offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and unwinding getaway in the lap of luxury.

Savour French delicacies In StanleyHong Kong Labour Day Holiday

May Day gives an ideal opportunity to the Hong Kongers to take a leisurely stroll around the city’s Stanley market and enjoy the sun. They can sample some of the finest French delicacies including French wines, cheeses, bread, as well as, other tidbits. It is the perfect day to enjoy some live music, some fun with the family, as well as, savour cheese and wine with friends.

Pamper Yourself at a Spa in Hong Kong

While this could come as a surprise to some readers, the May Day can give Hong Kongers the much needed “me” time and enjoy a relaxed spa day. They can make the best of this public holiday by pampering themselves thoroughly. How about getting refreshed and feel rejuvenated after availing an authentic and soothing Chinese foot massage and some amazing therapies? Some spas in the city are also known to offer discounts to entice their customers in Hong Kong.
Many workers in the city of Hong Kong are also seen to participate in protest marches on the roads in large numbers so that they can pressurize their employers to accept their proposals and demands. The city also witnesses several thousand visitors from Mainland China, especially when Labour Day is a part of a weekend to enjoy the holidays and keep themselves thoroughly entertained.

Labour Day in Hong Kong