Hong Kong National Day Holiday

Every year, 1st Oct is a celebration of National Day in Hong Kong. The day marks the origination of the People’s Republic of China. It is celebrated as a public holiday not only in Mainland China but also in Macau and Hong Kong. It was in September 1949 when China became the PRC or People’s Republic of China. Celebrations of this day in Hong Kong have started since 1997 when the British handed over the territory to China. Thereafter, a string of community and official celebration activities happen to mark this important day in Hong Kong. For instance, in 2003, there was a flag-raising function held at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai just outside the famous Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

DateDayPublic Holiday
01 Oct 2019TuesdayNational Day 2019
01 Oct 2020ThursdayNational Day 2020
01 Oct 2021FridayNational Day 2021
01 Oct 2022SaturdayNational Day 2022
01 Oct 2023Sunday*National Day 2023
02 Oct 2023MondayNational Day Holiday 2023
01 Oct 2024TuesdayNational Day 2024
01 Oct 2025WednesdayNational Day 2025
01 Oct 2026ThursdayNational Day 2026
01 Oct 2027FridayNational Day 2027
01 Oct 2028Sunday*National Day 2028
02 Oct 2028MondayNational Day Holiday 2028
01 Oct 2029MondayNational Day 2029
01 Oct 2030TuesdayNational Day 2030
01 Oct 2031WednesdayNational Day 2031
01 Oct 2032FridayNational Day 2032
01 Oct 2033SaturdayNational Day 2033
01 Oct 2034Sunday*National Day 2034
02 Oct 2034MondayNational Day Holiday 2034
01 Oct 2035MondayNational Day 2035
01 Oct 2036WednesdayNational Day 2036
01 Oct 2037ThursdayNational Day 2037
01 Oct 2038FridayNational Day 2038
01 Oct 2039SaturdayNational Day 2039
01 Oct 2040MondayNational Day 2040
01 Oct 2041TuesdayNational Day 2041
01 Oct 2042WednesdayNational Day 2042
01 Oct 2043ThursdayNational Day 2043
01 Oct 2044SaturdayNational Day 2044
01 Oct 2045Sunday*National Day 2045
02 Oct 2045MondayNational Day Holiday 2045
01 Oct 2046MondayNational Day 2046
01 Oct 2047TuesdayNational Day 2047
01 Oct 2048ThursdayNational Day 2048
01 Oct 2049FridayNational Day 2049
01 Oct 2050SaturdayNational Day 2050

Note: Any holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced the following Monday.

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How Do They Celebrate This Day?

In Hong Kong, you can expect the day is celebrated with the year’s most dazzling fireworks display, a patriotic ceremony where the National flag of the country is hoisted, and horse racing in the afternoon. There are a large number of parades to mark the occasion. The day is ended by having gala dinners, as well as, a spectacular fireworks display. The fire display is basically the finale of the ceremony as it concludes the city’s National Day celebrations. While Mainland China celebrates the occasion for 7days starting from October 1, Hong Kong has only one public holiday (October 1) to mark the occasion. They mark this day as a public holiday in the People’s Republic of China, it is a holiday for the country’s general population. Educational institutions and a majority of businesses are on holiday in Hong Kong.

What to Do During National Day in Hong Kong?

National Day is a public holiday in Mainland China, as well as Hong Kong on October 1 every year.

Watch the Fireworks Display

Many of you would be aware that the firework celebrations that mark the National Day in Hong Kong are legendary. The dazzling action lasts for about 23 minutes in the city. Then, over 23,000 fireworks make the sky over the Victoria Harbor look stunning. Synchronized music plays from the speakers placed along the waterfront that further enhances the experience. You can watch this fireworks display from a skyscraper or along the waterfront on this special day. However, try to reach early so that you can get a good position.

Enjoy Horse Racing on 1st October

If you wish to be lucky on 1st October, you can join the bandwagon of thousands of those hopeful people of Hong Kong by visiting the Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong. Enjoy a complete program of fantastic entertainment and cultural performances while also trying to figure out whether your lucky horse can help you in winning a big fortune. Who knows! If the lady luck smiles on your stallion, you can even take home the coveted National Day Cup.

Go for Island Hopping

The public holiday in Hong Kong gives the perfect opportunity to go away from this bustling metropolis in pursuit of one of the lovely outlying islands of Hong Kong. Many Hong Kongers take a ferry and spend a rewarding day out on island hopping on this special day.

Attend One of the Flag-raising Functions

The city of Hong Kong organizes several flag-raising functions so that people remember the significance of this important day. There are many aerobatics shows and sea parades and thousands of Hong Kongers are flocking the streets to watch the parades.

Visit Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

Many people in Hong Kong love to celebrate the day with fireworks, food, and various festivities. Several eateries overlooking the Victoria Harbor that offers unlimited delicacies and host parties, and special menus to entice the Hong Kongers. The Harbor has a crowd of families and groups who come and wait here for hours to watch the dazzling fireworks show. These people visit the harbour with their picnic hampers, rugs, drinks, and music.

Irrespective of where the people of Hong Kong go on their National Day, happening events and huge crowds ensure that the day is entertaining, memorable and full of fun and relaxation. The day is significant not only for Mainland China but also for the people of Hong Kong. After all, the day marks the country’s win over Chiang Kai Shek’s Nationalist forces. They raise the National flag of China for the first time in front of thousands of soldiers and people. The day marks the beginning of China becoming a republic. It is a public holiday in Hong Kong when a person will have plenty of things to do.

Hong Kong National Day Holiday