What is the Mandatory Hong Kong Business Registration Fee and How to Get a Business Certificate?

Hong Kong Business Registration Fee and CertificateEntrepreneurs who incorporate a company in Hong Kong must register their business with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Hong Kong and make payment for the Hong Kong Business Registration Fee (HK BR Fee) to the business registration office. The Hong Kong business registration fee (HK BR Fee) costs HK$250 for a certificate with a validity period of 1-year. Meanwhile, the payment of HK$3,950 for a certificate has a validity period of 3 years. You must pay this HK business registration fee to obtain your Business Registration Certificate. The Business Registration Fee will be renewed on an annual basis usually as the amount set by the government can vary yearly. For instance, the Business Registration Fee prior to April 2019 is set as HK$2,250 per year but with effect from April 2019, it is reduced to HK$250 per year. For the Hong Kong BR registration or business registration Hong Kong or business registration fee details, please click here.


Requirements for Registration

Besides the company incorporation documents and the HK business registration fee, you must also provide the following to the Companies Registry when applying to incorporate your business:

  • Levy for the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund
  • Notice of Business Registration Office (IRBR1)


Business registration Hong Kong applications are made via paper format. Further, you will get the HK business registration certificate within 30-minutes or in 2-working days via post. Upon payment of the registration fee and the specified levy on the HK business registration renewal, you will receive a valid business registration certificate. Alternatively, the branch registration certificate will bear a machine-printed line which shows the date the payment was made, receipt number and the amount which has been paid. Your certificate will be valid until when the date of expiry indicates.

For view samples or to download a specimen of valid BR registration certificates or business registration certificates, or branch registration certificates as a point of reference, visit the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department’s website.

The amount that is payable under your certificate will depend on what the commencement date of the registration certificate is. This is applicable unless it is your first registration certificate of local companies falling within the one-stop business and company registration. The amount payable on the certificate will also depend on the submission date for incorporation to the Companies Registry. The amount payable for renewing certificates will be based on the commencement date of the relevant renewal certificate.