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Trending Ideas on What Business to Start in Hong Kong

What Business to Start in Hong KongAccording to the Hong Kong Government’s market and statistics portal, the overall economy is projecting a positive outlook. As China’s fourth largest trading partner, Hong Kong continues to maintain its global edge on the international commercial platform. Starting a company here can be profitable but knowing what business to start in Hong Kong is equally as important.

The information below aims to inspire any savvy entrepreneur to kick-start their business dreams. Once an idea germinates, it’s always best to take action, such as conducting industry research and other due diligence. 3E Accounting Hong Kong is on hand for a quick chat should you have any queries.


Why Start a Business in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the most sought-after places for entrepreneurs and investors. The commercial ecosystem is robust and pro-business, with numerous grants, subsidies, and incentives readily available from the Government. A competitive tax regime, political stability, good governance, and visitor-friendly visa policies make it highly favourable to start-ups and enterprises.

The laws allow for full foreign ownership of businesses, and setting up a company is super easy. Hong Kong also enjoys a strategic geographical position that opens trade with China and other Asian countries. The country works on the principle of free trade to ensure a healthy and competitive business environment. Along with a diverse and talented workforce, Hong Kong also sports one of the most high-tech infrastructures in the world.


Businesses to Start in Hong Kong

As an international hub for business and commerce, many entrepreneurs are keen to start a company in Hong Kong. With one of the busiest ports in the world, competition is stiff in this cosmopolitan and vibrant commercial ecosystem. However, having a new, niche, or in-demand idea can provide a much-needed advantage over competitors.

The following non-exhaustive list provides some ideas on what business to start in Hong Kong:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing, Health-tech Services, etc.
  • Smart City Service Provider, Fintech Firm, etc.
  • Virtual Event Planner or Public Relations Specialist
  • Electronics, Digital Devices and Services Business
  • Fashion Atelier, Designer, or Image Consultant
  • Social Media Consultant or Influencer
  • Website Designer, SEO Specialist
  • Real Estate Agency or Brokerage Firm
  • Art Gallery or Franchise Business



As an entrepreneur who knows what business to set up in Hong Kong, you’re ready for the next step. Incorporating your company and ensuring full compliance with local rules and regulations is highly advisable. A great idea can become profitable with the right partnership, and 3E Accounting Hong Kong is one of the best.

We offer some of the most comprehensive and flexible business setup packages in Hong Kong. As a one-stop entrepreneurial destination of choice, our solutions are customisable and affordable, empowering the modern way of doing business. Our services include quick company incorporation, tax and accounting, as well as Hong Kong business advisory. Contact 3E Accounting Hong Kong to discover the best way to do business in the 21st century.

What Business to Start in Hong Kong