Hong Kong Good Friday Holiday

Good Friday is one of the two Christian holidays celebrated in Hong Kong. It comes as a surprise that the people of China and Hong Kong celebrate several public holidays throughout the year. Internationally, Easter is a celebration to remember Jesus Christ’s death on Friday, as well as, his resurrection on Sunday. Also, Good Friday is a celebration on Friday that comes before Easter Sunday. Thus, it is a commemoration of the lord’s Passion, crucifixion, and death, as mentioned in the Holy Bible. It is a day that comes after Maundy Thursday. This day is also a bank holiday in Hong Kong. The reason why it is a major public holiday in Hong Kong is that the city was officially under the control of the British Empire that follows the Christian faith.

19 Apr 2019FridayGood Friday 2019
10 Apr 2020FridayGood Friday 2020
02 Apr 2021FridayGood Friday 2021
15 Apr 2022FridayGood Friday 2022
07 Apr 2023FridayGood Friday 2023
29 Mar 2024FridayGood Friday 2024
18 Apr 2025FridayGood Friday 2025
03 Apr 2026FridayGood Friday 2026
26 Mar 2027FridayGood Friday 2027
14 Apr 2028FridayGood Friday 2028
30 Mar 2029FridayGood Friday 2029
19 Apr 2030FridayGood Friday 2030
11 Apr 2031FridayGood Friday 2031
26 Mar 2032FridayGood Friday 2032
15 Apr 2033FridayGood Friday 2033
07 Apr 2034FridayGood Friday 2034
23 Mar 2035FridayGood Friday 2035
11 Apr 2036FridayGood Friday 2036
03 Apr 2037FridayGood Friday 2037
23 Apr 2038FridayGood Friday 2038
08 Apr 2039FridayGood Friday 2039
30 Mar 2040FridayGood Friday 2040
19 Apr 2041FridayGood Friday 2041
04 Apr 2042FridayGood Friday 2042
27 Mar 2043FridayGood Friday 2043
15 Apr 2044FridayGood Friday 2044
07 Apr 2045FridayGood Friday 2045
23 Mar 2046FridayGood Friday 2046
12 Apr 2047FridayGood Friday 2047
03 Apr 2048FridayGood Friday 2048
16 Apr 2049FridayGood Friday 2049
08 Apr 2050FridayGood Friday 2050

Note: The dates in the table above are an estimate and will be updated once official dates are announced.

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Discover the Best Things to See and Do During Good Friday in Hong KongGood Friday in Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong and its people have the privilege of celebrating the Western, as well as, the Chinese holidays with equal zeal and fanfare. Even Good Friday is not an exception to that.

How They Celebrate in Hong Kong

While for a majority of Hong Kongers, it is simply an additional long weekend to relax and spend time with family, there are others who observe this period with great diligence for its extraordinary religious significance. The series of the public holiday starts from Good Friday and it continues to Easter Monday. Thus, for many people in Hong Kong, it is a long four-day weekend and time to remember Jesus Christ with the entire family. The date on which this public holiday fall varies from year to year.

What to Do During Good Friday in Hong KongPublic Holiday Schedule in Hong Kong

As is obvious from the discussion above, Good Friday in Hong Kong is a public holiday. So, that means the general population of the city gets a day off while a majority of the businesses and all schools are also on holiday break. Here are some of the top things to do during Good Friday in the city of Hong Kong:

Visit St. John’s Cathedral in Central

The city has a manifold religious community and there are several beautiful churches located on the Island of Hong Kong. So, if you follow the Christian faith, you have plenty of options in the city. However, the immensely popular and most conveniently located St. John’s Cathedral is a place everyone wants to be in for observing the day. The cathedral is located centrally in the financial downtown district of the city. More than 800,000 Christian people participate in the church services during Easter. Sunday is definitely a crucial day during this long weekend in the city because several families in Hong Kong attend church services. Thereafter, they come together for a grand buffet celebration lunch.

People Visit from the Mainland to Shop and for Recreation

Shops in the city are open and as Mainland China has no Easter holidays, several people visit Hong Kong from there, as well as, from other places to enjoy the family get-together. They also indulge in shopping and look for various recreation options over the long weekend. Easter eggs and bunnies are decorations seen in abundance thus adding beautiful colours and excitement to the city’s shops and streets. Apart from schools, all government offices and post offices are closed in the city.

People in Hong Kong Go to Restaurants Over the Weekend

Public Holiday Schedule in Hong KongIn Hong Kong, several restaurants cater for not only the families but also for their little ones by enticing them with Easter egg hunts and play areas. Hotels such as Le Méridien Cyberport come up with special and attractive packages targeted toward families with features like cinema tickets, kids’ packs, and luxury rooms among others.

Hong Kong is an international city in its real sense. As such, the event calendar of this magnificent city is loaded with Chinese, as well as, Western holiday. That also denotes that the city has a cultural parade or a festival almost every month. Good Friday is one of the major public holidays in Hong Kong, which is a part of the Easter holidays. If you are planning to travel to the city soon, it makes sense to look at the public holiday schedule of Hong Kong soon so that you can participate in the local traditions of the city and freeze the itinerary accordingly.

Good Friday in Hong Kong