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Take a Visit to a Spa to Refresh, Rejuvenate and Remove Impurities

How to Set Up a Spa Business in Hong Kong

After a long and stressful work week, most people will make a booking with a spa to get a pampering session. Hong Kong is no stranger to spas and wellness clinics scattered all over the jurisdiction. Besides providing for the stressed workers, Hong Kong spas are also available in hotels and luxury resorts. It is to cater to travellers who would prefer to be pampered without leaving their hotels. Thus, you have several ways to set up a spa business in Hong Kong. You can start a spa in a hotel or guesthouse or as a day spa catering to patrons visiting for specific treatments.


Improving Quality of Life

A spa session can vary from full-body massages to facial treatments to aromatherapy in a comfortable setting. Fatigued muscles and exhausted feelings will slowly clear away with the mindful application. While work can burden and cause build-up stress, various spa session caters to specifically de-stressing the overworked patrons. Some customers opt to pamper themselves with regular spa treatments. These customers could be working for industries that require them to maintain an overall polished look. Otherwise, for those who can afford frequent visits to spas feels the need to feel refreshed at all times. It helps those who can afford it to improve their quality of life.


High Preventive Measures

Although the pandemic may have dampened high touch services, the spa segment in Hong Kong is determined to provide the highest level of cleanliness. It is typical of patrons to feel nervous about visiting spas post-pandemic. While we are not entirely free of the virus, meticulous preventive measures are put in place. Customers’ safety takes first place. After all, the spa business relies on customers visiting a safe and comfortable spa.


Making Yours, Worthy

There are plenty of spas in Hong Kong to accommodate varying customer needs. But what makes a spa so impressive that some have regular and loyal customers. Before you plan to set up a spa business in Hong Kong, you should conduct a market research first. It should include the area or district demography to get an idea if your visionary spa suits the community. Once you have identified a niche spa offering, you can get to form a company. As a foreigner, Hong Kong has no issues for business registration and ownership. Your spa business will go a long way if you comply with the regulations of company registration. Next, is whether you are setting up this spa within a hotel premise or leasing a space in places of your choice. You can provide spa services within a hotel premise or lease a building all to your spa. The former requires discussion with the hotel owner and may offer to provide the location, physical set-up and interior decoration. If you have broad investor backing, you could have your dream spa right away. Nonetheless, both set-ups will require a Certificate of Compliance and Massage Establishment License.

How to Set Up a Spa Business in Hong Kong