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Why Company Employee Handbooks in Hong Kong Matters to Both Employer and Worker Alike

Company Employee Handbooks in Hong Kong A company handbook contains all the necessary information pertaining to a company that the employee must read, understand and be aware of. In other words, a company handbook functions somewhat like a guide with instructions and reference. Getting obvious out of the way, we all know that an employee handbook is essential for workers, but do you know that the handbook can be equally important to the employers as well? Read more below on our kick starter’s guide to company employee handbooks in Hong Kong.


What Does a Handbook Contain?

In Hong Kong, the Employment Ordinance sets a code of employment conduct framework that all the companies must follow in the state. The contents of an employee handbook are quite flexible. Aside from some must-have aspects, such as company policies, human resources information, legal obligations of the employer, employee’s rights, responsibilities, and benefits, you can add more aspects. Here are some content ideas for your handbook:

  • Company’s history or background.
  • Company’s mission and vision.
  • Company’s culture.
  • Employee’s performance reviews.
  • Employee’s hours of work and attendance.
  • Overtime.
  • Promotions.
  • Transfers.
  • Leave policy.
  • Insurance.
  • Performance awards.
  • Emergency procedures or contingency plans.
  • Employee’s compensation.
  • Dress Code Policy.
  • Employee Smoking Policy.


Why Are Company Handbooks Essential?

With complete ownership to foreign business personnel and minimal taxes, Hong Kong has risen to prominence as one of the world’s easiest location to start and run a company. Therefore, there’s no surprise that Asia’s World City has thousands of new companies emerging every year. However, not all of these companies experience the same level of success – which can be attributed to many reasons, including how a company runs their organization and how they take care of their employees. This is where having an employee handbook could be advantageous to your company.

Still, if you think that company’s attempt in educating their employees about the policies of the company suffices with training or orientations, and having a handbook is redundant, here’s why-

  1. To provide workers with a detailed and written book on the company’s fundamentals.
    Giving every employee their handbook sends a clear message: every worker must be on the same page and acknowledge matters regarding the company. This avoids employees from being ignorant about the company’s rules, worker’s obligations and the consequences that follow if one fails to adhere to the authorities. It holds the workers (and employees) accountable.
  2. Clear and well-expressed communication.
    Miscommunications at a workplace happen more often than not. Therefore, having centralized, accessible information such as the handbook allows members to understand what is expected of them in the company and prepare them for that role.
  3. Helps employees to suit in better.
    Starting a fresh, new job can be daunting to some people. With the handbook, employees can quickly familiarize themselves with the company’s procedures, helps them understand their job better, and answer any uncertainty they might have. A company employees handbook allows workers to be comfortable in their workspace and indirectly increases the productivity level.
  4. Protects both parties.
    As for employees, the handbook outlines their rights as workers. In a case, if an employee is mistreated, abused or fairly untreated, they will promptly know what action to take. On the other hand, if an employee behaves out of line, the employer may use the handbook to give out warnings and take appropriate disciplinary actions. Plus, the handbook can serve as substantial evidence in a legal battle for either party.

Keep in mind that handbooks from one company to another may differ, given how every company has its own sets of rules, conditions and goals.


Get Started on Your Company Employee Handbook

Do not put off writing your company employee handbook. There is plenty of guidance and templates available on the net should you need a reference. However, if you require assistance in writing your handbook, do not hesitate to reach out to a legal professional experienced in labour contracts to help you out. The more polished your handbook is, the fewer mistakes and chances for loopholes will be in your book. Begin your Company Employee Handbooks in Hong Kong today!

Company Employee Handbooks in Hong Kong