All You Need to Know About Travel in Hong Kong

Travelling in Hong Kong’s Many Wonderful AttractionsHong Kong is a land of old-world charm and fast-changing trends. Everywhere you turn, you are bound to stumble into an intriguing corner waiting to be discovered. Even for seasoned visitors, Hong Kong will always have something to offer. Whether a new and trending taste or a good old cuppa that makes memories last forever.


A Melting Pot

As a melting pot, Hong Kong thrives on its multitude of people from all walks of life. The food adventure never ceases to amaze. There is always something for everyone. From the young to the old, from the risk-taker to the safe player, Hong Kong’s gastronomy expedition is bound for lasting memories. Street food is as great tasting as fine dining. The only difference is that you choose to experience Hong Kong’s food feast at its respective best.


Take a Walk

Hong Kong may be a skyscraper land, but get to the ground and take a walk. There are a lot of things to see, do and experience. Art galleries, museums, nature park and even theme parks. Hong Kong may look like an adult-only travel indulgence but make no mistake. Hong Kong is a family-friendly destination. All you need to do is prep your little ones for exploration. Historical museum for the historians in you or science museum for little scientists. Let’s not forget, Disneyland is in Hong Kong too. Children of all ages can meet and greet with their favourite cartoon characters. For children yearning up close and personal animals experience, a visit to Ocean Park is a must.


Shop, Shop, Shop

What’s a trip without a shopping experience? Hong Kong is full of shops of all kinds. Markets, malls and shopping districts are aplenty in Hong Kong. One can find just about anything here, all they have to do is armed themselves with precisely what they want and march on. But usually, that is not the case, as one often buys and shops to their eyes content. Or until they have burst their shopping budget. Even the gravest window shopper find it hard to refrain from buying. Friendly and courteous retailers make shopping in Hong Kong a pleasure for anyone. From vintage to specialised to exclusive, there is always something else you need to buy for the collection. For fashionistas or sales hunters, the run-up from Christmas to Chinese New Year is a great time to shop, as there are plenty of promotions and sales to cater to the festive season. But for a casual traveller, any time is an excellent time to shop till your wallet pops.


Getting to Hong Kong

If Hong Kong is on your list of places to travel, make a checklist and get these things done beforehand.

Visa: Nationals from Southeast Asian countries need no visa as long as it is within a certain period of days. For other citizens, do find out from Hong Kong’s immigration department.

Passport: Be sure that your passport is still valid for travelling.

Legal items: Visitor to Hong Kong are from around the globe. Hence, some things that are legal from elsewhere may be illegal in Hong Kong. Check the list of prohibited items in Hong Kong here, just to be safe and sure.