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Updating the Business Relations of Your Changed Business Address is Quite Tedious, but Vital to Your Business Survival

Changed Business Address: Don’t Forget To UpdateHong Kong is a place of business haven. More companies are set up and registered daily. Thus, entrepreneurs require ample business operation space that befits their enterprise. Hence, you are forced to change your business address when the need arises — the most challenging part of changed business address in informing all relevant parties about your shifted business place.


Just an Address

It may seem like a piece of menial information to you, but to your business contacts, it is crucial. More so, if your business requires suppliers to visit your place of business to deliver products or materials. Without properly informing your business contacts, you might lose your business to your competitors. Updating your business address to your contacts also show that you care about your contacts and that you want to maintain the excellent rapport you have built over the years. Updating your changed business address to the relevant parties also makes you an accountable entity and reinforces trust onto your business conducts.


Updating Information

Whenever you register for an account, be on the lookout for sections where you can make necessary changes or update easily. In the case of Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Department, you can update your changed address using this form.  When you shift your registered office to another place, the Companies Registry of Hong Kong must also be notified. You can easily do so by filling up a form called NR 1. The form can be downloaded from here.


The Involved Parties

The relevant parties that need updating range from the government bodies to your secretarial agent, as well as customers. It does not end there just yet. You would need to inform your company secretary of your changed business address. The change of address must also be notified to your respected banks so that they can update your correspondence address in their database. This ensures that all official statements and letters would appropriately reach the correct owner. The post office of Hong Kong also has a mail redirection service to ensure customers correspondences will be received as usual. You may find out more about this service at Hongkong Post’s website and fill up the necessary form. Concurrently, you would also need to reprint new official letterheads, invoices, and other promotional materials as you have changed your business address.


Labour of Love

Your business is your labour of love, and you have been through thick and thin. Updating vital information to your business contacts and relevant parties is just another selfless endeavour you need to do. It is only logical that you do this quickly and precisely so that you can continue with your business expansion.