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Some of the Aspects Concerning Weather and Climate in Hong Kong

Weather and Climate in Hong KongBordered Guangdong city of Shenzhen to the north over the Shenzhen River, Wanshan Islands of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province to the south, Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and other 262 small islands. Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Hong Kong is an ideal year-round travel destination due to its mild climate or weather. Hong Kong’s annual average temperature is 22.8 degree Celsius. The summertime in Hong Kong is hot and humid with temperature falls between about 26-30 degree Celsius.


The Four Seasons in Hong Kong

1. Spring (March to mid-May)

Though Spring in Hong Kong experiences occasional spells of high humidity, the climate in March and April are milder. The month of May means the spring season in Hong Kong when the weather is extremely unpredictable. The raft of rains and steamy humidity are common during this period. As the summer approaches, the Weather and climate in Hong Kong can get very hot.

2. Summer (late May to mid-September)

Summer in Hong Kong will usually start from late May to mid-September and can get really hot. The weather from May to August is hot and humid with occasional showers and thunderstorms, and frequent typhoons. Please note that July and September in Hong Kong are the months during which Hong Kong is prone to be hit by tropical cyclones.

3. Autumn (late September to early December)

Autumn is the best time to visit Hong Kong because the weather is sunny and dry. Low humidity, bright skies, and warm temperatures are the reasons why autumn is the best time to come to Hong Kong. The weather and Climate in Hong Kong are perfect for outdoor activities without the scorching heat of summer.

4. Winter (mid-December to next late February)

Winter, as the name implies, is cool weather in Hong Kong. In general, winter in Hong Kong is much colder with temperatures from 15-19 degree Celsius. The low temperature during winter can drop a few more degrees to below 10 degrees due to the northeast winter monsoon.

In Hong Kong, cloudy January and February are relatively colder with temperatures that can be as low as 10 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature recorded in history is zero degree Celsius where the sub-zero temperatures and frost often occur on high ground and in the New Territories.


Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

As the most pleasant season, autumn marks the ideal travel season to Hong Kong. During November and December, pleasant breeze, sunshine, and comfortable temperatures are the best words to describe Weather and Climate in Hong Kong.

Weather and Climate in Hong Kong