Hong Kong Christmas Day Holiday

The city of Hong Kong has one of the most festive Christmases in the world. In fact, it is one of the best times to be in this wonderful city. People of Hong Kong celebrate Christmas Day perhaps in the most eloquent manner in entire East Asia. The weather is perfect for the festivities were usually dry and sunny for Christmas. Santa in Hong Kong is popularly referred to as Father Christmas or Santa Claus. The city has a two-day public holiday to mark the festival. Even the first weekday following the Christmas day is also a public holiday in the city. In Hong Kong, every year a “Winterfest” takes place during this festive season. It is basically a grand winter bash, which includes the theme parks, shops, as well as, Hong Kong’s other attractions.

DateDayPublic Holiday
25 Dec 2019WednesdayChristmas Day 2019
25 Dec 2020FridayChristmas Day 2020
25 Dec 2021SaturdayChristmas Day 2021
25 Dec 2022Sunday*Christmas Day 2022
26 Dec 2022MondayChristmas Day 2022
25 Dec 2023MondayChristmas Day 2023
25 Dec 2024WednesdayChristmas Day 2024
25 Dec 2025ThursdayChristmas Day 2025

Note: Any holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced the following Monday.

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Discover the Best Things to See and Do During Christmas Day in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong celebrate Christmas Day in a grand manner and there are so many things to do in the city.

How Do They Celebrate This Holiday?Christmas Day in Hong Kong

Chinese Christians in Hong Kong celebrate the festival with church services, which are conducted in Chinese. Some church services are in an English version in the city as many Europeans who work and live in Hong Kong participate in them along with the other people of the city. These church services don’t happen at the same time of the day. In Hong Kong, Christians love singing the soul-touching carols, as well as, also go to the Christmas markets. Homes, public places, and churches have beautiful decorations like with Christmas lights, Nativity scenes, and poinsettias flowers. The city is dotted with superb Christmas displays while people love sampling fine dishes and shop enthusiastically for Christmas. The dazzling Christmas lights on the buildings and towers along the bustling Victoria Harbor are choreographed especially in a spectacular light show.

What to Do During Christmas Day in Hong Kong?

There are so many things to do and see on Christmas day and on the following public day while in Hong Kong. Check some of the major activities below:

Visit the Winterfest

The famous Winterfest is one of the major holiday celebrations in the city of Hong Kong during Christmas. The Hong Kong Tourism Board is the organizer of this major event in the city. It includes a beautifully decorated huge Christmas tree, a choir diligently singing some of the most famous Christmas carols, and Santa’s grotto among others. The festival runs for the entire month of December. It ends with a spectacular fireworks display and a magnificent Symphony of Lights to welcome the New Year with grandeur. The best part is there is no fee for admission to Winterfest. There is an array of promotions, events, Christmas displays, and specials in Winterfest.

Explore Hong Kong’s Disneyland

Hong Kong Christmas DayTypically, Christmas-themed entertainment and amusement begin in the month of November and culminate on New Year’s Day.

The Nutcracker- the Hong Kong Ballet

It is an absolute delight for all those people who are passionate about fine ballet and opera shows.

International Light Art Display

This magnificent light art display on the city’s central harbourfront is free to the public.

Visit Churches

Christians in Hong Kong like elsewhere in the world regard Christmas quite seriously. They involve in special performances, carol singing, and grand religious events that happen to observe the festive occasion.

Grand Gourmet Christmas Dinners

Top-notch gourmet eateries and posh luxury hotels in Hong Kong host gala Christmas dinners to mark the occasion. For example, a huge gingerbread house greets the patrons in The Lobby restaurant at The Peninsula. The Lobby is also famous for a complete multi-course scrumptious dinner and its one of a kind Christmas afternoon tea. Alternatively, people can drop in at the Verandah restaurant of the hotel to gorge pm an elaborate Christmas dinner or lunch buffet. The buffet comprises delectable Asian fare, as well as, traditional American dishes.

Museum Displays and Theme Park

In Hong Kong, both Ocean Park, as well as, Disneyland decorate their halls/venues with fake snow, lights, and trees. Santa can make his appearance at both these places. Ocean Park is the preferred destination for many locals during the Christmas season and yet Disneyland is definitely the show stealer around Christmas time.

While the city of Hong Kong is definitely not a Christmas destination in the traditional sense for the outsiders, yet, they celebrate the festivities in general and Christmas Day with great enthusiasm by the locals. The snow could be missing, but there are gallons of festive spirit, skyscrapers decorated with lights, Christmas carols, turkey on the menu, and other activities more than compensate for its absence. People in Hong Kong also exchange Christmas cards. The shops sell some of the most beautiful Christmas cards while some people are still fond of making these cards at their homes using the traditional Chinese craft techniques.

Christmas Day in Hong Kong