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Starting a company in Hong Kong with Hong Kong business registry is one of the most lucrative business decisions you will ever make. A stable economy, good companies house (Hong Kong registry), sound political environment, world-wide recognition, pro-business environment set by Hong Kong company registry (HK company registry, CR HK) and world class infrastructure are just some of the many reasons why Hong Kong has managed to position itself as a prime business destination for company incorporation. Foreigners also have the advantage of owning 100% of the company that they establish. For 17 years, Hong Kong has held the record for being the country with the world’s freest economy. It is also ranked one of the least corrupted nations in the world, which makes it an ideal set up for any entrepreneur thinking about registering a company in Hong Kong. Before you do can commence business however, your company will need to be registered in the Hong Kong company list with Hong Kong companies house, Registrar of Companies, the Companies Registry in Hong Kong.

Companies Registry in Hong Kong CR HK

Companies in Hong Kong are registered and incorporated with the Companies Registry (Hong Kong company registry, HK company registry, companies house), which falls under the Companies Ordinance. You can find the Hong Kong company list in HK company registry. There are other business entity options available in Hong Kong, however, the majority (99%) of investors choose to set up Private Limited Companies with Hong Kong business registry. There are currently approximately 500,000 private limited companies registered in the country.


About the Companies Registry in Hong Kong

The Companies Registry in Hong Kong (known simply as The Registry, CR HK) is responsible for enforcing and administering most parts of the country’s Companies Ordinance. Both local companies and non-Hong Kong companies (Hong Kong company list) will need to be registered with the Companies Registry. The vision of The Registry is to achieve world-wide recognition as an excellent Companies Registry which provides the Hong Kong community with quality service.

The HK Company Registry (HK Registrar of Companies) is also responsible for overseeing statutory returns, Hong Kong registry provide the public with services and facilities for inspecting and obtaining company information which is kept by The Registry, and de-register defunct solvent companies as part of their administrative duties. The Registry is also responsible for enforcing and administering several other ordinances, which include:

  • The Trustee Ordinance (insofar as it relates to trust companies)
  • The Registered Trustees Incorporation Ordinance
  • Limited Partnerships Ordinance

Other duties that are overseen by The Registry (CR HK) include processing applications which relate to money lender licenses, as well as maintaining a register of money lenders for inspection by the public.

As Hong Kong’s corporate regulator, the Registry acknowledges and attaches great importance to good governance. They understand that it affects not only the efficiency and effectiveness of the Registry, but also the public’s confidence and trust in its capability and integrity and the level of satisfaction of its employees. The Registry to committed to upholding Hong Kong’s world-class business standard through its practices, ensuring that both locals and foreigners are only served with best practice in mind.


The Companies Ordinance Chapter 622

3 March 2014 saw the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and its subsidiary legislations come into effect. Under this ordinance, a modernized and legal framework for the incorporation and operation of companies in Hong Kong is now available. This serves to reinforce Hong Kong’s position as an international financial and commercial centre.


The Role of the Companies Registry in Hong Kong (CR HK)

The Registry serves several functions besides the key roles mentioned above, and these functions include the following:

  • Provide services to allow the promoters of companies, limited partnerships, trust companies and registered trustees to incorporate their enterprises easily and to register all documentation required by the various Ordinances governing those enterprises.
  • Advise the Government on policy and legislative issues regarding company law and related legislation.
  • Provide the public with services to search for the information held by the Registry.
  • Ensure compliance by enterprises and their officers with their obligations under relevant Ordinances.
  • Administer the licensing and regulatory regime for Trust or Company Service Providers.
  • Achieve all the aims described above in an efficient and effective manner and to provide services within time frames and at prices which are acceptable to the customers.


The Registry’s Mission, Vision and Values

The Companies Registry in Hong Kong is committed to the country’s status as a world class business destination, recognized for its excellency. As such, The Registry abides by the following mission, vision and values:

  1. The Registry’s vision is to achieve world-wide recognition as an excellent Companies Registry giving the community a quality service.
  2. The Registry’s values include:
    • Care and respect the customers by listening to them and taking into account their needs and expectations when shaping the types and quality of service which the Registry delivers.
    • To care for and respect their colleagues as a quality service and effective enforcement can be delivered and undertaken only through dedicated people of high calibre working together as a team.
    • To change for the better by remaining receptive to new ideas, technologies and work practices to enhance the level and quality of our services and facilities.
  3. The Registry’s mission is to:
    • Provide customers with efficient, cost-effective and quality services and facilities to incorporate companies and to register and inspect company documents.
    • Continuously review and enhance their services and facilities and undertake effective enforcement, taking account of the best modern technology available.
    • Continuously motivate staff to achieve organisational objectives by adopting appropriate human resource management strategies.


More Information About the Companies Registry in Hong Kong

The Companies Registry in Hong Kong has an official website – the Company Registry Gov HK –  which provides the public with up-to-date information on the departments major services and development plans. The website also contains highly relevant and useful referent materials on the Companies Ordinance. There are also other relevant Ordinances resources available to help you facilitate your compliance.

More information about the Companies Registry in Hong Kong can be obtained from their website.


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