Hong Kong Easter Monday Holiday

In several countries, Easter Monday in Hong Kong is one of the public holidays. It is a part of the Easter holidays and Christians in all parts of the world observe it. The day falls after Easter Sunday and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Hong Kong, thanks to the city’s colonial influence. The day is off for Hong Kong’s general population while a majority of businesses, as well as, all schools are on holidays to mark the occasion. In many parts of the world, many Christians celebrate it as a day of the rest day. In Hong Kong, the 4-day long weekend starts from Good Friday.

The following are the year-wise date for this public holiday in the city of Hong Kong.

DateDayPublic Holiday
13 Apr 2020MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2020
05 Apr 2021MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2021
18 Apr 2022MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2022
10 Apr 2023MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2023
01 Apr 2024MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2024
21 Apr 2025MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2025
06 Apr 2026MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2026
29 Mar 2027MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2027
17 Apr 2028MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2028
02 Apr 2029MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2029
22 Apr 2030MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2030
14 Apr 2031MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2031
29 Mar 2032MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2032
18 Apr 2033MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2033
10 Apr 2034MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2034
26 Mar 2035MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2035
14 Apr 2036MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2036
06 Apr 2037MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2037
26 Apr 2038MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2038
11 Apr 2039MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2039
02 Apr 2040MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2040
22 Apr 2041MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2041
07 Apr 2042MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2042
30 Mar 2043MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2043
18 Apr 2044MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2044
10 Apr 2045MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2045
26 Mar 2046MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2046
15 Apr 2047MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2047
06 Apr 2048MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2048
19 Apr 2049MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2049
11 Apr 2050MondayEaster Monday Holiday 2050

Note: The dates in the table above are an estimate and will be updated once official dates are announced.

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Discover the Best Things to See and Do During Easter Monday in Hong Kong

Easter Monday is a part of East Holidays in Hong Kong and celebrated with a lot of zeal by the Christian residents.

How Do They Celebrate This Holiday in Hong Kong?

Easter MondayThe city of Hong Kong and its residents get a number of public holidays as they celebrate the Western, as well as, Chinese holidays. Easter is not an exception to this rule. For many people in Hong Kong, it is simply another extra-long weekend. There are certain sections of its population who celebrate the occasion for its profound religious significance. Also, Christians in the city indulge in various popular Western customs. These are chocolate eggs brunches, Easter egg hunts, and many other festivities. All are part of the Easter celebrations in Hong Kong. As far as the People’s Republic of China is concerned, Easter is a special occasion for the Orthodox, Catholics, and the most well-known Christian churches. However, millions of people in China have joined the bandwagon of Easter eggs hints for the sake of fun or novelty.

What to Do During the Easter Monday in Hong Kong?

Check out some of the ways people celebrate Easter Monday in Hong Kong:

Attend Special Service in Reputed Churches

An estimated population of 800,000 Christians in Hong Kong usually visits the churches over the period of Christmas for a special service or mass. In case you are in Hong Kong during this period, you can visit the renowned St. Andrews Church, a favourite place of worship in the city for locals and visitors alike. Located in proximity to the harbour, the church is famous for its friendly atmosphere and grand architecture.

Many Visit Disneyland With Their Little OnesEaster Monday Holiday

Spring is the time of the year when Mickey and all his friends are set to party in Disneyland. People love taking a walk down Main Street while discovering delicious goodies to enjoy with their entire family. It is also customary for the visitors to see the parade where famous Disney characters come and say hello. The Springtime Carnival at Hong Kong’s Disneyworld is also popular for its Disney Character Egg Hunt. More than one hundred Disney eggs are scattered around the theme park and hotels for the visitors to find them.

Savour a Special Easter Buffet or Meal on the Occasion

Several renowned 5-star hotels in the city usually layout a special Easter buffet or meal for the holiday. Many restaurants in Hong Kong entice people by offering special holiday menus. People also visit one of the city’s many bakeries to gorge on some mouthwatering chocolate bunnies on this public holiday.

Easter Egg Hunts for Kids in the City

Easter Monday in Hong KongThere are several places in the city that hosts events such as Easter eggs hunts, as well as other fun Easter-themed entertainment for the little ones. Also, Hong Kong’s big malls have beautiful decorations for Easter and are also likely to have Easter promotions. A majority of shops in Hong Kong remain open during the period.

The day after Easter Sunday is Easter Monday and it is one of Hong Kong’s major public holidays. Some theme parks, museums, and other visitors’ attractions can have different hours during the period. Hong Kong people celebrate the occasion more avidly. It is partially because they follow the English traditions and also because there is a substantial population of foreign Christian expats, renowned churches, and Christians residing in the city. So, if you are visiting Hong Kong during the Easter holidays, you will be pleasantly surprised to find the kind of celebrations in the city. Also, irrespective of what faith they belong to, the city’s entire population waits keenly for this long-weekend break.

Easter Monday in Hong Kong