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Corporate Tax Compliance Services in Hong Kong

Every company which is doing business in Hong Kong that is making profits from its trade will have those profits taxed. Once a company has been incorporated, tax authorities will be tracking the performance of these companies. Tax returns will be issued for the first upcoming year of assessment. Even if your company has not had its tax return issued but profits have been made, you company still has an obligation to notify the tax authorities. Offshore profits are generally beyond the territorial coverage of the Hong Kong tax system.

Corporate Tax Compliance Services in Hong Kong


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An Overview of Hong Kong’s Tax System

The Year of Assessment (YA) runs from 1 April to 31 March. Assessable profits must be computed by adjusting the accounting profit or loss for the financial year ending within that year of assessment. 16.5% is the assessable profit corporate tax rate for companies. Special business operations will be eligible for certain tax incentives. Hong Kong’s tax legislations states that various adjustments must be made to a company’s accounting profit to determine its taxable profit. The deadline which your company must file its annual tax returns and financial statements each YA will be based on the month which the accounting period ends.

For overseas incorporated companies, they must file their tax returns to their respective Hong Kong branch operations on a similar basis to a company which has been locally incorporated. Inter-company interest which is paid overseas is often not allowed, unless the Hong Kong taxpayer is involved in intra-group financing operations, and provided that certain conditions are met.

Once the tax return has been filed, a notice of assessment will be issued. Provisional tax will be payable during the tax year based on the preceding year’s tax liabilities, and this would be for tax collection purposes.


Why Choose 3E Accounting for Corporate Tax Compliance Services

3E Accounting is the best in the business when it comes to all things related to corporate tax compliance. Our cost-effective tax planning solutions are exactly what your business needs. We focus on helping you enhance your business potential by providing you with practical step-by-step strategies that cover all your bases, including overseas tax consequences. Our specialists come with years of experience in various areas, including corporate tax, personal tax, indirect tax, and other regulatory matters in Hong Kong.

We assist by providing constructive and insightful advice on tax related matters, and we help you manage your tax affairs and ensure you comply with the requirements stipulated by the Hong Kong tax authority. Looking for significant tax savings? We can assist with that too. Let us help you strengthen your bottom-line profitability through our effective tax planning and management services, increase your tax compliance efficiency and improve related cash flow management.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, local or international, we have the corporate tax compliance services that will meet all your business needs. With our tailor-made solutions, our qualified accountants will offer experienced guidance and services for your Hong Kong tax needs. We can offer support for Hong Kong corporate tax compliance services including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Tax filing
  • Employer annual returns filing
  • Individual returns filing
  • Corporate tax planning matters
  • Individual tax planning
  • Tax treaty matters
  • Stamp duty matters
  • Tax dispute resolution matters
  • Tax investigation matters
  • Field audit matters
  • Capital gains and offshore profit claim

Our tax compliance services have a risk-focused approach, which helps all our clients better manage their tax compliance obligations. We can help your business reduce its bottom line expenses while remaining within the framework of relevant tax legislations.


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Corporate Tax Compliance Services in Hong Kong