Hong Kong New Year’s Day Holiday

While the city of Hong Kong has several attractions for visitors and locals alike, it celebrates the New Year’s Day in style. In Hong Kong, the first day of a calendar year is a celebration on January 1 every year. A public holiday, New Year’s Day is one of the public holidays in Hong Kong. The general population gets a day off on this special day. Then, the majority of businesses and all schools are on holiday during that day. Following are the dates for public holidays from 2019 to 2024 in Hong Kong for New Year. In Hong Kong, New Year celebration is an exciting affair. The city is famous for celebrating all the special moments in a year, particularly the New Year’s Eve.

01 Jan 2019TuesdayNew Year's Day 2019
01 Jan 2020WednesdayNew Year's Day 2020
01 Jan 2021FridayNew Year's Day 2021
01 Jan 2022SaturdayNew Year's Day 2022
01 Jan 2023Sunday*New Year's Day 2023
02 Jan 2023MondayNew Year's Day Holiday 2023
01 Jan 2024MondayNew Year's Day 2024
01 Jan 2025WednesdayNew Year's Day 2025
01 Jan 2026ThursdayNew Year's Day 2026
01 Jan 2027FridayNew Year's Day 2027
01 Jan 2028SaturdayNew Year's Day 2028
01 Jan 2029MondayNew Year's Day 2029
01 Jan 2030TuesdayNew Year's Day 2030
01 Jan 2031WednesdayNew Year's Day 2031
01 Jan 2032ThursdayNew Year's Day 2032
01 Jan 2033SaturdayNew Year's Day 2033
01 Jan 2034Sunday*New Year's Day 2034
02 Jan 2034MondayNew Year's Day Holiday 2034
01 Jan 2035MondayNew Year's Day 2035
01 Jan 2036TuesdayNew Year's Day 2036
01 Jan 2037ThursdayNew Year's Day 2037
01 Jan 2038FridayNew Year's Day 2038
01 Jan 2039SaturdayNew Year's Day 2039
01 Jan 2040Sunday*New Year's Day 2040
01 Jan 2040MondayNew Year's Day Holiday 2040
01 Jan 2041TuesdayNew Year's Day 2041
01 Jan 2042WednesdayNew Year's Day 2042
01 Jan 2043ThursdayNew Year's Day 2043
01 Jan 2044FridayNew Year's Day 2044
01 Jan 2045WednesdayNew Year's Day 2045
01 Jan 2046MondayNew Year's Day 2046
01 Jan 2047TuesdayNew Year's Day 2047
01 Jan 2048WednesdayNew Year's Day 2048
01 Jan 2049FridayNew Year's Day 2049
01 Jan 2050SaturdayNew Year's Day 2050

Note: Any holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced the following Monday.

Hong Kong Public Holidays

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How to Celebrate New Year’s Day in Hong Kong and Things You Can Do

Celebrate New Year's Day in Hong KongIrrespective of whether you are planning to visit Hong Kong at this time of the year or are a local resident, you simply cannot miss all the fun and excitement this special day in the city is synonymous with. There are a plethora of ways to celebrate the New Year in Hong Kong. It can be a bit overwhelming to make up your mind. You hardly want to miss the fun and excitement when you are visiting this city on this special day.

How They Celebrate New Year’s Day in Hong Kong

Here are our top tips on where and how to celebrate the New Year in Hong Kong for your convenience:

Welcome the Special Day on a Luxurious Cruise

Hong Kong New Year's Day In case you have made plans of celebrating the New Year’s Day in Hong Kong, how about doing it while booking yourself on a luxurious cruise? It will be a divine experience as you can mingle with the crows and sing, dance, and scream. You can simply relax and unwind. Then, pick a cosy spot of your own and gaze at the starlit sky of Hong Kong.

Celebrate in Style in Victoria Harbor

Welcome to Hong Kong’s bustling Victoria Harbor in the downtown area that is famous for enticing hundreds of visitors every day. Get set to be dazzled by a show put up in this locality during the New Year’s Eve of Hong Kong. You may opt for an alluring cruise ride or watch the light and sound show called Symphony of Lights. You can also marvel at Hong Kong’s skyline sparkling with colourful fireworks. There are after all so many things to do and see on your next New Year in Hong Kong.

Attend the Parade in Hong Kong

If you are one of those people who desire to experience the colours of the vibrant culture of Hong Kong, look no further. Participating in the New Year’s Parade in Hong Kong is one of the best ways to celebrate this special day in the city. Locals of Hong Kong organize this colourful parade on December 31, which continue till 10 p.m. at night. The parade comes to an end the late-night but makes way for a wild and unforgettable New Year countdown party.

Participate in the Craziest Eve Bash in Hong Kong

As many of you know, Hong Kong is the preferred city for party animals. It could be one of the wisest decisions to party at a crazy New Year’s bash in Hong Kong. Enjoy some of the most popular foot-tapping numbers as you join the other dancers and enjoy fun galore.

Go to Tsim Sha Tsui and Attend a Live Concert

Apart from some of the most happening New Year’s Eve bashes in Hong Kong, you can also visit Tsim Sha Tsui to celebrate the New Year in style. It is another popular hot spot to enjoy this special day in the city. The locality is dotted with street markets, designer boutiques, huge malls, pubs, and hotels. You will find many of the clubs organizing live concerts and exciting countdown bashes on NYE. It is also an ideal spot to enjoy watching the fireworks.

Amazing and Magical Fireworks

Celebrate New Year's in Hong KongOne of the most enchanting attractions of the city’s New Year celebrations is to go to one of the vantage points of the city and look at the sparkling sky. People from all over the globe, as well as, the locals gather at these points to enjoy the magical fireworks as the skyline is illuminating with bright and colourful lights. On the other hand, the waterfront gets decorated with a mind-boggling light & sound show and a rippling effect. Some of the city’s best vantage points to gaze at these fireworks are China Ferry Terminal, West Kowloon, Hung Hom, Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Center, IFC Mall, and so on.

Are you already excited to celebrate the next New Year’s Day in Hong Kong? You should then plan your travel in advance so that you do not miss any of the fun and excitement the city has to offer, especially in the Hong Kong public holiday.

New Year's Day in Hong Kong