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Payroll and Human Resource Services

Package Fee for Payroll / Human Resource Services

Packages Available Fee (HKD)
One time payroll setup fee from HK$500
Monthly Payroll Services from HK$300 per staff


Payroll and Human Resource Services* Please inform us once you are made known of any resignation of employee, so that we have sufficient time to prepare tax clearance for the resigning employee (if necessary). We will not held responsible for any late submission of tax clearance to IRD.

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic business countries in Asia, and although several factors contribute to a company’s success, nothing is more valuable or crucial than the people who work for you. Your people are your most valuable resource in a company, the ones who keep your business running in optimal performance each day when they are at work.

As an employer and owner of a Hong Kong company, you will have obligations which you need to fulfil. These obligations, including the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance, stipulate that an employer needs to be responsible for protecting both employer and employee.

Hong Kong employees are covered by the Employer Ordinance, which means they are entitled to certain protection that includes payment of wages, benefits (rest days, sickness allowance, and paid annual leave among other things), and granting of statutory holidays. Our HR and payroll services will serve to provide and assist you with all aspects to ensure that you are always on top of your HR and payroll services requirements.


How 3E Accounting’s HR & Payroll Services Can Help

Running a business is hard work, and it is important to ensure that your payroll processing is done in an accurate, timely and compliant manner. Our HR and payroll services cover all your end-to-end business needs. We can assist with everything from your data input and your financial resources with our all-in-one payroll solutions designed to meet all the needs of your Hong Kong company and business.

To succeed in today’s versatile and dynamic business environment, you need to have reliable and innovate HR and payroll services to ensure the smooth running of your company. Our HR and payroll services are automated, reliable and integrated to ensure that everything is done accurately with minimal room for error. 3E Accounting has had a long history of assisting entrepreneurs establish their companies and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality results. Every solution is tailored to meet your specific and unique business needs.


Our HR and payroll services include:

  • Payroll – We assist in calculating payments which need to be deposited into the bank accounts of your employees. We also provide assistance in terms of managing your entire administrative payroll process. We can also provide customized payroll reports for your convenience.
  • Preparation of Contracts and Handbooks – Whenever a new employee joins the company, they will be presented with a contract which they need to sign, and a handbook that outlines the rules and protocols of the company. We can also provide services like preparing these contracts and handbooks, and ensuring that they meet all the legal requirements of a Hong Kong company.
  • Review of Your Business’s Tax Compliance – We will assist in providing a review of your rental reimbursement claims so that your company is compliant with the policies and tax requirements expected of a Hong Kong company.
  • Provident Fund Scheme Implementation – Hong Kong has provident fund schemes, like the MPF for example. These provident funds can take time to understand the details of it all. Our HR and payroll services help organize and implement statutory provident fund schemes to ensure on-going compliance with what is required by a local Hong Kong company.

When you engage 3E’s Payroll Service, you will be assigned a payroll officer who will personally work with you on your payroll needs. Based on the information and required documents you submit to us, your payroll officer will review and organize the submitted information to create and maintain your payroll ledger. The payroll officer will also, per your instruction, make payments and submit all necessary payroll taxes.


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3E Accounting is a leading service provider for company incorporation, accounting, tax, payroll, immigration and compliance services that assist start-ups and SMEs in Hong Kong get off to the right start with their business. Should you wish to establish a business in Hong Kong, contact us today for more information and let us help you get started.

Payroll and Human Resource Services