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An Overview of Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation: How it Legitimizes Businesses?

Hong Kong Certificate of IncorporationEvery business or company that is incorporated in Hong Kong is going to receive a Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation. It is an official document issued by the Hong Kong Companies Registry for limited liability companies that have completed the company incorporation process. The certificate comes with a standard design and contains both English and Traditional Chinese characters.

To verify that it is an official certificate, look for the title “Certificate of Incorporation” on the document, as it might be easy to confuse this document with other certificates that contain a similar design. Other certificates which might contain a similar design and have a similar purpose to the Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation include the Certificate of Continuing Registration, Certificate of Change of Name and Certificate of Registration As A Trust Company.

Since most Hong Kong businesses will have this document, it is a good idea to consider requesting a copy. This is especially if you intend to conduct business with these companies.

However, not all Hong Kong companies will have a Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation, as there are different types of company incorporation options available in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation is only for limited liability companies.


What Does a Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation Contain?

Key information regarding the Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation includes:

  • Your business registration number
  • Your certificate type
  • The official name of the company in English, Chinese or both
  • Date of your company’s incorporation

To determine if your document is authentic, its authenticity can be verified through the Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS). This is the Hong Kong Companies Registry’s online system. Another alternative is the Chinese Certificate Verification or Hong Kong Company Verification reports.


Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation from Mainland Chinese Companies

Hong Kong is part of China but operates on different legal, taxation and economic systems. Some operators of Mainland Chinese companies find this attractive, and thus, these companies could be registered in Hong Kong for several reasons.

Mainland Chinese companies do have their own certificates of incorporation, which also serve as China business licenses. The Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) issues this, and all companies which operate in Mainland China must register with the AIC. If they are, they will have no problems providing you with a copy of their business license upon request.

Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation


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