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Self-Inked Stamp (Chop) for Your Company in Hong Kong

Self-Inked Stamp (Chop) for Company in Hong KongA rubber stamp, usually referred to as a company stamp or company “chop” in Hong Kong is a practice unique to the country and a few selected jurisdictions. The term “company chop” stems from the old colonial Indian English, and is a common term used in this part of the world. A company self-inked stamp chop in Hong Kong continues to be a necessity for companies who wish to conduct business.

In China, it is not uncommon for some companies to have several different stamp chops for various purposes. A company self-inked stamp chop in Hong Kong however, functions more as a hybrid between the Chinese and Western business system. In Hong Kong, these stamp chops are widely used in commerce, although from a legal standpoint, they are not necessary when it comes to executing a document with validity.

It is common for businesses to have a company self-inked stamp chop in Hong Kong, since these stamp chops are still required for submitting government documents, registration of the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) accounts and more. Stamp chops in Hong Kong are optional for bank account openings, since signatures for bank transactions are acceptable. Basically, a stamp chop is the corporate equivalent of a signature. Anything that you can do with a signature, you will be able to do it with a stamp chop in Hong Kong too.


Legal Implication of a Company Stamp Chop in Hong Kong

Companies should be mindful about how their company stamp chops in Hong Kong are used, and who among their staff has the proper authority to use them, as there could be legal implications involved.

That proved to be the case in the TS Office System Ltd v Wing Kee Products Ltd, where the company chop, which was affixed by its receptionist, was enough to legally bind the company on its order form. The company had ordered print toners amounting to HK$230,952. Upon delivery of the toners by the contractor, the receptionist did not realise that one of the toner boxes was missing, and proceeded to affix the company’s stamp chop on the sales confirmation, delivery notes and invoices. When the missing toner was discovered, the company promptly refused to pay for and returned the goods, to which the contractor refused to accept as they claimed the receptionist was acting on behalf of the company when she used the stamp chop on the documents.

The Hong Kong High Court examined the company’s claim that the receptionist did not have the proper authority to bind such contracts in this case, and an appeal was allowed based on several grounds, including that the contractor, in this case, was reckless to accept that the company’s receptionist had sufficient authority to conduct business on the company’s behalf. The High Court ruled that the company was not bound by the three contracts that were made on their behalf by the receptionist.

This case serves as an example that reminds companies to be mindful about which staff member is given the authority to hold possession of these company chops and to monitor how they are being used to avoid further civil and/or criminal liabilities that the company would have to bear.


Getting Your Company Self-Inked Stamp Chop in Hong Kong

3E Accounting can provide you with your company self-inked stamp chop in Hong Kong when you subscribe to our annual secretarial services. For more information, contact us today to set up an appointment.


Package Fee for Self-Inking Rubber – Company Stamps in Hong Kong

Packages AvailableFee (HKD)
Round stamp (Normal Delivery - 5 working days)HK$200 per unit

@ You must subscribe to our annual secretarial service for ordering of company stamp

* Five working days (not including the day you placed the order, public holidays or weekends).

  • Local courier fee of HK$50 is applied for all the orders. Alternatively, you can self-collect your order at our office.
  • No delivery on weekends and public holidays.

Payment terms: full payment before proceeding

We offer self-ink stamps in various shapes and sizes, as well as a color selection of blue, black or red ink.

You can walk in between Mon – Fri (9am to 6pm) and have your company stamp created.

Self-Inked Stamp (Chop) for Company in Hong Kong