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Register Your Company Website or Even Yourself With a Domain Name

In today’s world, a physical store is still as good as an online store, albeit, with reduced function. As for an online store, developments and brand presence can go far and beyond. If you are still new in building the brand or company, start taking charge of ownership. Even more so, if you have decided on a unique brand name or company name. Hence, if you plan to own a unique brand name, start with a domain name registration in Hong Kong.


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Yours Truly

Owning a brand may take you a while to make it work. But if you can acquire the rights to the name, it can do wonders to your business. Brand names are unique, and you want to register it so that it is exclusively yours. The same goes if your name is so unique and you can offer specific skills. You could register a domain name using your name. People searching for you can find it more accessible. A domain name is an address on the Internet. Technically, behind the scenes, it is all coding and programming language. But, the public needs access to a readable internet address. This is where you register or through a domain name registration in Hong Kong.


Registered, Not Owned

When you have registered your domain name, you do not own it. It is merely an address, not a property for you to own. However, the unique registered domain name can make the connection to your brand, if it is the same name. When registering your brand as a trademark, you also want to have an identical domain name. The IP law protects registered trademarks. Do search for company names, trademarks that are already registered and other domain names. A domain name’s protection is ensuring that it gets renewed when due. Otherwise, other parties could snap it anytime.


Pretty Simple Process

If you are wondering what goes into a domain name registration in Hong Kong, the following is a summary of it:

  1. Check on the availability of the domain name. You can do this with most domain name registrars.
  2. If it is available, read and accept the registration agreement. Any of the domain name registrars in Hong Kong will use the Registration Agreement set by the HKDNR.
  3. Next, decide on the contract period you want and the payment amount.
  4. Be sure you have all documentation ready at hand.
  5. Take your time to review all information in the application form.
  6. Make the payment.
  7. Submit the application.

Domain Name Registration in Hong Kong