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HR Consulting and Advisory Services Are Crucial to the Makings of a Successful Company. Find Out We Can Help You Today!

Want to know how to run a successful business in Hong Kong? You’ve arrived at the right place! HR consulting and advisory services in Hong Kong are now made easy. 3E Accounting firm’s HR and advisory service will assist you in complying with all the organisational and statutory laws of Hong Kong, so you can have your business up and running in no time!

3E Accounting firm’s HR and advisory service will assist you in complying with all the organisational and statutory laws of Hong Kong.


Why Chose to Outsource in Hong Kong?

More and more companies today are outsourcing their HR services due to the hefty costs required to operate the department. Outsourcing HR will save you from burning a hole in your pocket and allows you to focus entirely on your business initiatives. At 3E Accounting, we offer a multitude of HR and advisory solutions; a one-stop, no-nonsense fix to all your HR needs. Our HR and advisory services are suitable and cost-effective for business owners in Hong Kong. Let us handle the rest while you reap significant benefits from an optimum organisational performance.


Why Should I Consult 3E’s HR and Advisory Services?

We have a proven track record of credible HR and advisory services all over the globe. Among the various services we offer includes:

  • Vacancy Management
    We devise and develop job vacancies. Job scopes, responsibilities, skills and requirements will be tuned to be in line with your company’s policies and objectives to attract the perfect candidates to fill the vacancies.
  • Employee Recruitment
    With us, you can leave the headache of finding and filtering candidates at the door. We will interview your applicants on their background, education, work experience and qualifications according to your company’s needs. We understand that employees are the foundation of any organisation. Thus, we will carefully select your future employees that will elevate and advance your company for the betterment. Additionally, we also provide career assistance for your prospective employees!
  • Training and Coaching
    Training is an essential aspect of HR; we assist the newly recruited employees in familiarising with their new job through onboarding programmes. In practice, we will also teach them the specific skills and knowledge needed to carry out their tasks successfully. With proper training, your employees will be able to learn their duties first-hand, identify their weak areas and improve them, which subsequently minimise mistakes. We will coach your employees to be the best in what they do.
  • Regulate Management
    The performance of your employees will be evaluated to help them better themselves to grow your company. We help to identify goals and potential solutions to problems that they might experience and improve it. Moreover, we will conduct surveys to assess the job satisfaction, loyalty, company culture and satisfaction levels. Also, we will review operations and the management system for your company to produce the most favourable outcome.
  • Paperwork
    Clerical works, documents and contracts will all be taken care of by us. Our professionals will revise essential papers such as job applications, payrolls, employment contracts, memorandum, non-disclosure agreements, leases and more. We have comprehensive knowledge of foreign regulations and will meticulously draft the documents for your organisation.

…and so much more!


Where Do I Sign Up?

HRs today is more than handing out job applications and filing papers. HRs help to screen ideal candidates, create a positive work environment for employees and make sure they are looked after.

That’s why 3E Accounting is dedicated to offering the best HR consulting and advisory services to help companies in Hong Kong and all over the world to reach their maximum potential. When your employees are well taken care of, they will be satisfied and deliver better to the organisation. Happy employees make happy companies. Consult 3E Accounting for your businesses in Hong Kong today!

HR Consulting and Advisory Services in Hong Kong