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What is Phone Call Forwarding Service and How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Phone Call Forwarding in Hong KongPhone call forwarding service is a revolutionary telephone service that redirects a call from one location to another telephone at a different/separate location. Generally, clients of a call forwarding service are able to reroute domestic and international calls to a landline, mobile device, or even an enabled desktop computer. On top of that, it provides customers with the convenience and privilege to reroute calls to specific locations at certain times of the day (or days of the week).


Why Do You Need Phone Call Forwarding Service?

Phone call forwarding service gains its traction due to the benefits of the call-forwarding feature. It improves customer service and allows business to stay connected to its clients 24/7.

Call-forwarding resolves the problems of unanswered calls or phone calls being diverted to voicemail box due to the absence of staff/agent to physically attend to phone calls. Through the call forwarding service, companies can be sure that they will not miss any calls. This happens by diverting unanswered calls to a manned phone, either in the same building or at a separate location.

Many times, call-forwarding service allows small businesses to add a human touch in the absence of staff. Unlike a conventional phone answering machine, a re-directed phone call adds a touch that is more humane and gives the callers (i.e. customers) a sense of importance. Ultimately, call-forwarding service will result in better communication, increased efficiency, and more businesses.


How to Setup Call Forwarding Service in Hong Kong?

Are you looking for a service that diverts the company phone calls to a Hong Kong Mobile/Overseas Mobile or Fixed Line? You have found the right place – our Associated Partner Call Forwarding Service is available for both individual and corporate signup.

Packages Available Fee (HKD)
Monthly charge for dedicated call forwarding services Contact Us for more information


hoiioWe use services provided by Hoiio. It is a software company which provides cloud communication and apps to businesses on a subscription and pay-as-you-go pricing model. Founded in Singapore in 2007, Hoiio has regional presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.


Phone Call Forwarding in Hong Kong


Why 3E Accounting?

The reason is simple: you will have full control of your own business telephone line in Hong Kong. In other words, no one can simply terminate your services without your consent. It is because the business telephone subscription is established directly between your good self and the Supplier. Contact us today at

Phone Call Forwarding in Hong Kong