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Forensic Investigation Services in Hong Kong and How to Choose One

Most people have this idea that forensic investigation is all about blood, crime and gore. But, the truth is, that’s not all forensic investigation services is about. Forensic means using scientific methods to solve a crime-related problem carefully. Many people seek forensic investigation services, including entrepreneurs for their organisations; either fix, improve or safeguard their business. If you are new to forensic investigation services, look no further. Let us guide you through the many facets of forensic investigation service in Hong Kong.

Asia’s World City has been long known as the central hub for business, trade and technology; thus, it goes without saying that business in this modern city sprouts companies like mushrooms after rain. With that many businesses in a highly competitive environment, surely there will be adequate forensic investigation services to help business owners do better in the industry.
Let 3E Accounting guide you through the many facets of forensic investigation service in Hong Kong.


How Can Forensic Investigation Services Help Me?

Forensic investigation has a myriad of services designed to provide consultations on legal matters. Some forensic investigation firm offers a range of services such as:


Financial Crime Examination

Anyone can be a criminal; from suppliers, contractors to customers even. Financial crimes investigation is launched to help a company that experienced an unfortunate case of money laundering, electronic crime, bribery, corruption, fraud and financial mismanagement. An examination will be conducted to identify the suspects, along with how and where things went wrong. The examination can legally serve as substantial records in a court of law.


Forensic Technology Solutions

Using technology, forensics will aid gain data analytics with tools made possible by technological advances seamlessly. Data collection, analysis and comprehensive reporting will be delivered to the respective client along with possible solutions.


Background Research Analysis

Forensic services can help to run a thorough background research analysis to the very core, so you and your company can better deal with the cards at hand. A background research documents essential details and information to help with the investigation in the case of a security breach.


Asset Detection

Need your assets to be detected? Forensic investigation service can help you with just that. Asset theft, false shipping with fictitious clients, are on the rise, stealing thousands and even millions of dollars’ worth of items. Forensic investigators and their intelligence team can help to track down your assets on a global scale.


Crisis Management

Forensic services also provide support and critical action for an affected company. Not only that, the forensic investigation will aid the company is preparing for and emerging from a negative situation. Apart from that, the services are dedicated to helping the company in avoiding problems as such and enable to recognise threats in the future as a precautionary measure. In other words, the services will help the company to get back on its feet.

Besides, forensic investigation has other services, including, regulatory compliances, dispute and litigation support, corporate violation, information and security breach, copyright infringements, piracy and counterfeiting and so on.


How Do I Pick an Excellent Forensic Investigation Service?

If you’re consulting a forensic investigation service, choose a reputable firm. Do a simple search on the Internet and find out if they have an official website. This should give you a vague idea of how established the company is. Testimonials are also a good place to look into for reviews on that company. You can see past client’s ratings and comments on their service. The type of clients and companies they work with matters, as it shows that the forensic investigation firm is trustworthy and dependable. If you’re still not confident, email the firm or arrange for a consultation so you can ask all the uncertainties to the company’s staff in person. Be sure to do your thorough research and pick credible forensic investigation services in Hong Kong that can solve your problem and not deepen you in it!

Forensic Investigation Services in Hong Kong