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Sale of Ready-made Shelf Company in Hong Kong


New Incorporation or Ready-Made Shelf Company for Sale?

Purchasing a ready-made shelf company for sale in Hong Kong has its advantages, but is this option a right fit for your needs?


What Is a Ready-made Shelf Company for Sale in Hong Kong?

This type of company can be referred to as either a “shelf” or “shell” company. A shelf company in Hong Kong has been registered for reselling. It is considered an “off-the-shelf” item because the company no longer has any business activities or assets under its name. Quite literally, it is like an empty shell, hence the name.

Ready-made Shelf Company for Sale in Hong Kong


Can I Buy a Ready-Made Shelf Company in Hong Kong?

Yes, anyone can own this type of company because Hong Kong imposes no restrictions on nationality. Hence, the directors and shareholders can be from any country.

The sale of a ready-made shelf company is straightforward. In Hong Kong, companies are registered as separate corporate bodies. This means the shares of the company are transferrable assets for the shareholders involved.

A ready-made shelf company for sale in Hong Kong is registered for one purpose. To be resold to the next owner. These companies have no business transactions and must not have any debt.

These companies must comply with the Hong Kong Companies Registry requirement. The requirements are the same set of rules imposed on companies newly-incorporated in the country.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Ready-Made Shelf Company for Sale in Hong Kong

One of the biggest advantage with this option is the speed. It only takes 2 working days for the ownership to be transferred.

The drawbacks with this option could be the costs involved and the confidence. Cost because older companies are sold at a higher price. Plus, you will need to pay the maintenance and post-incorporation expenses too. Confidence because you need to guarantee the company you’re about to purchase is 100% clean. It is always advisable to buy from reputable corporate service providers like 3E Accounting.


List of Shelf Companies for Sales

* Reservation of Hong Kong Shelf company is available only if full payment is received.


Company Name Paid Up Capital Date of Incorporation Selling Price
FAREGOE LIMITED HK$100 2 SEP 2021 HK$10,000
KEYED UP LIMITED HK$100 1 SEP 2021 HK$10,000
NEXTOPIA LIMITED HK$100 1 SEP 2021 HK$10,000
ANSWIRE LIMITED HK$100 15 FEB 2022 HK$5,000


The following services are included in the purchase of a shelf company package:

– Free appointment of one director
– Free Transfer of Hong Kong Company Shares (up to 2 shareholders only)
– Free 12 months company secretarial services
– Assistance in opening of a bank account in Hong Kong
– Provision of Company statutory documents


Ready to Purchase a Shelf-Company? 3E Accounting Can Help

3E Accounting strives to deliver the best possible service that meets all our clients need. For more details about 3E Accounting’s ready-made shelf company for sale in Hong Kong, contact us for more information.

Ready-made Shelf Company for Sale in Hong Kong