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Legal Services in Hong Kong – We Assist You in Various Legal Aspects

Legal Services in Hong KongDid you know that legal services in Hong Kong are one of the important elements in business? The legal services are particularly important for small business owners who might have higher chances to deal with legal hurdles. Having a Hong Kong legal service arranged for a business, be it in-house legal service or outsourced arrangement, can protect the business owner’s personal assets from lawsuits against the business, ensure protection for the business against lawsuits, handle employee contracts and so on. Though not all businesses require legal services, it is important for business owners to understand what those legal matters are (related to the business), and how to approach those legal matters (with or without a lawyer).


The information set out below does not constitute legal advise. We recommend you to speak with our affiliated lawyers should you have any legal queries.

Why Do You Need Legal Services

Legal services are proven very helpful when it comes to agreement drafting, document vetting, filing articles of incorporation (or articles of organization). Lawyers will help to outline rights and obligations to meet the client interest, as well as to protect the client from any kind of disputes, costly litigation, and other penalties that are harmful to your business. Many times, legal services for business include negotiation in business especially those negotiations related to mergers, acquisitions, or other business relationships. Simply put, your business will need legal service for any situation that might have a legal impact on your business.

The Quick List of Situations When Lawyers Can Help Your Business:

  1. Determining the business structure
  2. The signing of deals, contracts, agreements or leases
  3. Business negotiations
  4. Hiring process
  5. Merger and Acquisition (M&A)
  6. Protection of intellectual property


Why 3E Accounting

The need for a lawyer or legal services for your business arise from the fact that there are many of laws and regulations that need to be followed and each industry will have its own particular laws and regulations. At 3E Accounting, our legal services associates have legal expertise across a broad range of practice areas to address the legal issues your business/company is facing. Our associates offer comprehensive legal solutions with access to experts from across the whole of the 3E Accounting’s network. Not only that, our legal services affiliate is a team committed to building good and long-term relationships with our clients while ensuring top quality of services.


What We Specialize In

You can anticipate high-quality legal services from us especially in the following fields:

  1. Mergers and acquisitions
  2. Energy and projects
  3. Aircraft purchase and financing
  4. Construction and engineering disputes
  5. Real estate
  6. Asset and wealth management

We understand that many business owners need legal service to handle various legal aspects of running a business. Contact us today if you need information on our legal service!

Legal Services in Hong Kong