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Optimise Your Work with Serviced Office Services in Hong Kong

Serviced Office Services in Hong KongWith easy proximity to mainland China and location in the heart of Asia, it’s no surprise why entrepreneurs are flocking to Hong Kong for business purposes. Emerging economic benefits and friendly business environments topped with access to the region’s high-growth market, Hong Kong welcomes plenty of opportunities for startups and seasoned companies. However, the process of starting a business in Hong Kong may seem overwhelming but does not need to be that way.

With the increasing choices for serviced offices available around the city, you can ease into the process of starting an office in Hong Kong. These emerging serviced office spaces are ideal for companies looking for a quick, cost-effective, and flexible solution for an office.


Why Should You Opt for Serviced Offices?

There are many reasons companies subscribe to serviced office services. It could be due to waiting for their own office spaces to be complete, financial or time constraints. Take a look below:


Serviced offices give flexibility for companies in terms of the leasing period. Usually, typical office spaces come with a contract, and in most places, office or shop lot owners tend to prefer a longer contractual term with their tenants. On the other hand, serviced offices benefit companies by allowing them to undertake leasing as short as one month. Not only that, but tenant companies also have the choice to upsize or downsize their “office” any time they wish to.

Ready to Move-in Basis

You can pack up your things and move in straight to a serviced office on the very same day. It is fully furnished and comes with equipped amenities that let you get straight to business.

Networking Opportunities

There’s no better place to network quickly than sharing an office space together. As opposed to a traditional office filled with your company’s staff, you get to mingle with colleagues from different backgrounds on a daily basis. This would open up doors for cross-selling and meeting potential business partners.

Access to Pooled Facilities

When renting a serviced office, you’re renting so much more than just the desk. Serviced office providers tend to offer a variety of facilities such as the pantry, kitchen, lunch areas, receptionist, networking spaces, meeting rooms, cleaning, maintenance services, etc.

Strategic Location

Serviced offices are located in strategic and easy-to-access locations. This includes the middle of the city, close to public transportations, and entertainment or business hubs. With excellent access to these places, your clients and staff get to travel around with much ease. In effect, you are saving more money, time, and energy.

Shared Business Services

Professional business services such as bookkeeping, accounting, tax advisory, secretarial support, HR consulting, etc., are available with most serviced office services. Comprehensive business support like serviced offices can really help you and your business thrive in a fast-paced environment.


Get Your Business Up and Running Today

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