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We Provide Quality Company Common Seal in Hong Kong

Company Common Seal in Hong KongA company Common Seal in Hong Kong acts contributes to a document’s legal significance. Also going by other terms like Common Seal or Corporate Seal or Company Seal, a company Common Seal in Hong Kong is largely used by companies falling within common law jurisdictions, which includes companies in Hong Kong.


Do All Companies in Hong Kong Require a Common Seal?

A company Common Seal in Hong Kong is no longer a mandatory requirement for companies incorporated in Hong Kong. With the amendment of the Hong Kong companies law, specifically the new Hong Kong Companies Ordinance effective 3 March 2014, Hong Kong companies now have the flexibility to either use their Common Seals or not.

If your company already has a Common Seal, it is up to you to decide if you want to keep or cancel your Common Seal. There are no provisions in the new Companies Ordinance that specify procedural requirements as to what to do with your company Common Seal in Hong Kong. If your company chooses to keep your Common Seal, there are no mandatory requirements which indicate that you must use the seal when executing documents.

However, if your company does want to go ahead and execute documents using the company Common Seal in Hong Kong, you must do so in accordance with the provisions set out in Section 127(2) of the Companies Ordinance.

Your company can still choose to execute documents without the company Common Seal by doing so in accordance with Section 127(3) of the Companies Ordinance, which means that you must have the document executed as a deed by the company and delivered as a deed.


Who Is Authorised to Used?

Only the Director – or any persons given authority by the Director- of a company has the authority to use the Common Seal.


Need a Common Seal in Hong Kong?

While a company Common Seal in Hong Kong is now optional, 3E Accounting is still able to provide you with a Common Seal if your business needs it. Once you subscribe to our annual Secretarial Services package, you will be able to place your order for a Common Seal at the following charges. Contact our support team today for more information.


Package Fee for Company Seal in Hong Kong

Packages AvailableFee (HKD)
Company Seal (Normal Delivery - 5 working days)HK$400
Common Seal stickers (Gold / Silver / Red)10pcs for HK$100

* Five working days (not including the day you placed the order, public holidays or weekends).

** Kindly remind the Company seal order is not included the sticker. Please place your order for the sticker as well if you want to use the common seal with the sticker. (to indicate at your requirement on the seal)

  • Local courier fee of HK$50 is applied for all the orders. Alternatively, you can self-collect your order at our office.
  • No delivery on weekends and public holidays.

Payment terms: full payment before proceeding