Securing A Hong Kong Office Address As Registered Address in Hong Kong

Package Fees for Registered Address Services

Packages Available Fee (HKD)
Registered Address Services for business entity @ HK$1,000 per year
Mail Forwarding Services Actual postage will be reimbursed + HK$10 service fee for each forwarding


@ You must subscribe to our annual secretarial service for your company
* For mailing / courier arrangement (Min HK$500 Mail Courier Deposit is Required)
* For open and scan letter services upon request, it is free of charges. (unlimited scanning)

For collection of letter(s)/parcel(s) from 3E’s office, please bring along your identification documents such as Hong Kong ID, driving licence, passport, etc. for identity verification purposes. If the person who will be collecting the letter(s)/parcel(s) is not a director of the Company but an authorized personnel, please present to us an authorization letter signed by a director before we could release the letter(s)/parcel(s) to the authorized person. In any event if 3E is not able to verify the identity of the person collecting the letter(s)/parcel(s), 3E may make the best effort to try other means such as contacting the director via phone call, email or other tele-communication means for the purpose. If any of such verification fails, 3E shall have the right to reject the attempted collection.


Registered Office Address is a Statutory Requirement

Registered Address Services in Hong KongAccording to the Companies Ordinance of the Laws of Hong Kong, it is a statutory requirement that all companies must have a Registered Office Address in the country for maintaining company’s statutory records and receipt of acknowledging government’s correspondence. All business correspondence materials (e.g. letterheads and order forms) must reflect this Hong Kong Office Address or Registered Office address and the address must be a physical location.

Apart from the statutory requirement as mandated by the Laws of Hong Kong, the address will be the sole communication address between your company and the Hong Kong government. However, the setup cost of a physical office in Hong Kong would be costing some companies an arm and a leg, especially to those companies that are conducting offshore business in Hong Kong.


What Else Do You Need to Know about Registered Office Address?

In Hong Kong, the Registered Office Address does not necessarily be the place where the company conducts its business activities.

On top of that, the Hong Kong Office Address or Registered Office Address is not limited to a commercial address. In other words, residential address could also be accepted as the Registered Office Address. However, residential premises will have to comply with regulations that are not for commercial use. If the residential address is rented, it is important to take note if the terms in the tenancy agreement allow its usage as a registered office address. The residential address must also be able to receive all communications and notices during business hours. Therefore, the company registry strongly recommend a company to use a commercial address as its registered address.


3E Accounting’s Registered Office Address Service

Our Registered Office Address Service conforms to the definition of “Registered Office Address” as stipulated in the Company Ordinance.

Our Services:

  1. We provide the Registered Office Address to client who subscribed to our company secretarial services.
  2. The service includes:
    • No setup fees for setting up Virtual Office Address/Registered Address Services account
    • Statement of letter is available upon request
    • Free Scanning letter services upon request
    • Free daily letter/parcel notifications via email
    • Self-collection of mail and parcels between Monday – Friday: (9am to 6pm) (no handling fee)
    • An registered address for Hong Kong private limited company
    • Address for use as a mailing address (on namecards, letterheads, etc.)
    • Receipt of normal mails, air mails, parcels (below 3 kg) or registered mails *
    • Mail forwarding / Courier arrangement to a local / overseas address on daily / weekly / monthly basis is available (Service fee of HK$10 is applied for each forwarding)

* Approval must be obtained for any bulky items / parcels (especially it is more than 3 kg) to be sent to the registered address. Daily handling fee and storage fee is applied.

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