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Serviced Office in Hong Kong: A Leaner Office Space Alternative

Renting of Serviced Office in Hong KongHailed as the major gateway to Asia and one of the important regional business hubs in the world, Hong Kong is famous for its tower-studded skyline, dense population, and fast-paced city life. Because of this, many investors have chosen Hong Kong as their investment destination in Asia. In today’s Hong Kong’s rapid-changing and competitive marketplace, time, money, and effort are the major components that drive business. With that in mind, the concept of renting of a serviced office in Hong Kong emerges and gains popularity as a mainstream occupancy option where it offers a flexible, cost-effective and a convenient office space solution, helping companies to optimise their business costs.

Serviced office, as the name suggests, is a flexible and well-furnished office space in a professional business environment that is ready for immediate occupation. The main difference between conventional offices and renting of a serviced office in Hong Kong is the way they are used. The serviced office’s provider will take on the responsibility of office space maintenance and offering professional business support, ranging from reception and telephone answering services, secretarial support, conference and meeting facilities, high-speed internet access and much more.


Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Serviced Office


Cost-effective is no doubt the top feature of the serviced office. Businesses could optimise their operation cost by doing away with initial set-up costs and other charges that are usually present in conventional leases. This results in reduced upfront costs and substantial savings.


Flexibility is another key feature of the serviced office if compared with the conventional offices. Unlike the long-term lease of conventional office space, the lease for a serviced office is usually short-term and can be as short as one day. As such, short-term lease agreement is particularly beneficial to start-ups, or even large-scale companies looking to expand in new markets.


As the name implies, serviced office rides on the idea of sharing economy. While tenure/property owner gets to own the conventional office space, the serviced office offers flexibility in office space usage that is more efficient than owning one. On the contrary, serviced office spaces have complete furnishings and are available for use and payable on a “pay-per-use” basis.

Professional Shared Business Services

Another selling point of serviced office is the professional shared services. It is a myriad of professionally customized business supports upon request by businesses. In addition, professional services might be inclusive of company formation, accounting, and tax advisory, secretarial support, HR consulting, translation, travel arrangements, and more. While companies get to trim their operation budget, they benefit from the fully supported office environment that could help in their businesses.

Renting of Serviced Office in Hong Kong


Primary Business Locations for Serviced Offices in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island:

  1. Sheung Wan
  2. Central
  3. Admiralty
  4. Wan Chai
  5. Causeway Bay


  1. Tsim Sha Tsui
  2. Mong Kok

There is an emergence of the serviced office market around the world. Further, there is a growing need of companies for more flexibility and operational efficiency to the fast-changing business environment. As a result, the serviced office will continue to be the leaner alternative to the conventional office that meets the need of companies of all sizes and from different industries.

Renting of Serviced Office in Hong Kong

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