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Learn All About Web Hosting Services and Your Right Match

Managing a business in this day and age takes extra effort. Not only the business owner needs to navigate the physical store, but there is online competition too. If you rely on physical promotions per se, it might affect your sales. In Hong Kong, people are always on the move and purchasing at their fingertips. It could be from their mobile phones or their computers. Hence the key to reach out to broader potential is to have a reliable website. Hosting services in Hong Kong offers plenty of options to host websites.

3E Accounting Hong Kong offers plenty of options to host websites.


Better Loyal Customers

If you are an online consumer, you know that reliable websites gain better loyalty. Sites are online information centres for businesses. They can also become e-commerce platforms for online shopping. Companies today are competing for consumer attention. The most valuable attention is online attention. Advertising their business offering at any avenue should lead the curious to visit them online. People frequently use the Internet and searching online for just about anything. If your business website is not available online, it is a missed opportunity. Getting your business online via platforms is a good move, but having your website gives it credibility. It shows you are serious and want to engage with your target audience. From then onwards, your potentials could become your loyal customers.


Reliable Hosting

Businesses of any size should opt to have a website. To begin with, business owners should get acquainted with hosting services in Hong Kong. There are many hosting services available with attractive plans. These plans account for space you need for your website, monthly data transfers, email address accounts, database, domains, file manager and analytic metrics. If you are on a budget and your website is pretty basic, you can opt for the cheaper plans. Otherwise, if you need more space, your options could be limitless. Websites are hosted on web servers, and host with reliable servers should be high on your list.

Hosting Services in Hong Kong


Getting Your Money Worth

Even if you are new to hosting services in Hong Kong, you should stick to these few pointers to ensure you get every penny’s worth.

  1. 99% uptime guarantee. If the host can promise you 100% even better. Uptime ensure your website is available for viewing at any time. You also want people to be able to access your site anytime. It is also essential for you when you need to upload new content.
  2. Bandwidth allowance. Different plans come with different bandwidth or data transfer allowance. The more vibrant your content is on your website; the more data transfer is needed for visitors to view your site. Find out if your host can accommodate and customise to your current and future needs.
  3. Technical support. Check with the host if they provide anytime professional technical support. Anything can happen to your website at any time. Having technical support on hand gives a sense of relief even to the most experienced business owner.