Simplify Your Accounting and Bookkeeping With QuickBooks Online Hong Kong

If you’re looking to simplify your business in Hong Kong, look no further! QuickBooks Online in Hong Kong is the most comprehensive software to help you delegate your accounting tasks. We understand that many Hong Kong companies, especially the ones who are just starting struggle with handling and calculating finances. That’s why we recommend QuickBooks Online, your one-stop accounting solution!

QuickBooks was founded by Intuit in the 1980s and made QuickBooks Online in 2004. Their motto is simple; the founders believe that there has to be a simpler and better way to manage accountings. As more and more companies are digitalising their organisation, QuickBooks Online quickly took the opportunity to establish a web-based programme. The software is a bookkeeping programming bundle that is focused on helping small and medium enterprise (SMEs) in running their business funds efficiently.

QuickBooks Online is an inside and out assistance that will assist you through your organisation’s finances. The software enables you to follow costs, alter solicitations, and even run reports all from one spot. Not only that, but the software also arranges your fund, sync it up to your bank and keeps it refreshed.

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What Else Does QuickBooks Online in Hong Kong Offer?

Since its establishment, the software has undergone much critical changes and advancement over the years. With more than 2.2 million clients across the globe, QuickBooks Online strives to provide the best accounting service possible for its SME entrepreneurs.

QuickBooks Online month to month membership rate is incredibly low; it is as low as $1 every month for the independent work plan, where you will be able to make changes later as your business flourishes. QuickBooks Online offers plenty of advantages, such as:

  • Numerous features
  • Cloud accounting
  • User-friendly
  • Modern invoicing features
  • Customer service
  • More than 650 integrations

The excellent QuickBooks Online also comes in multiple sizes to accommodate the different types of businesses:

  1. Simple Start Plan
    This is a basic plan that has unlimited invoices and estimates, expense ranking and allows one user only. The plan starts at $25 a month.
  2. Essentials Plan
    As the name suggests, the plan is inclusive of all the Simple Start Plan features and includes accounts payables, time tracking and allows up to three users. The plan starts at $70 a month.
  3. Plus Plan Upgrade
    This plan is inclusive of the previous plan and has features such as inventory, project management, class tracking, 1099 tax support and allows up to five users.
  4. Advanced Plan
    This plan is the most advanced and holistic offer from QuickBooks Online; it offers priority care, QuickBooks training classes, a Fathom subscription for advanced analytics and reports.


Where Do I Sign Up?

QuickBooks Online is the most proficient accounting tool to build up your business, regardless of its size. With the help of QuickBooks Online in Hong Kong, rest assure that your business is well taken care of. Consult 3E Accounting Hong Kong to inquire more on QuickBooks Online today!

QuickBooks Online in Hong Kong