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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Vietnam Company Registration

Vietnam Company RegistrationVietnam is a developing country which belongs to South Asia. Many foreigners have expanded their wings to Vietnam as the businesses are profitable here. You can also study the market and develop contacts here by establishing a representative office here. Our experts will offer valuable advice to you regarding Vietnam Company Registration.

There are many challenges in Vietnam which may make it difficult for you to set up a new company. Hence, it is advisable to take the help and guidance of a consultant who is knowledgeable in handling the business incorporation process.


Business Entities of Vietnam

There are many ways in which you can do business in Vietnam. The common method of establishing a small or medium-sized firm in Vietnam is through a limited liability company.

Limited Liability Company

This is the most common form of doing business in Vietnam, as it only requires an appointment of a company director. Further, the director is the legal representative of the company and is responsible for all activities of the company. 3E Accounting helps you in finding the right company director along with other employees.

Vietnam Free-zone Company

Companies which are planning to export many products must establish this business entity. These business companies are set in an industrial park or special zones once they are registered with the Vietnamese government. The minimum capital investment required for this type of business entity is USD 200,000. Also, the projects receive many tax benefits.

Joint Venture Company

A joint venture company is a result of a foreign investor and a local person coming together to do business in Vietnam. The shareholder of the company must be a resident or citizen of Vietnam.

Local Limited Company

The risk of doing business is considerably less here in comparison to other business entities. This is because local limited companies require minimum capital investment. The shareholder of the company must be a resident or Vietnamese.

Vietnam Public Limited Company

This entity requires one company director and at least three shareholders. Moreover, the company’s director is the main authority of the public limited company. He needs to apply for a work permit and must travel whenever there is a need.

Our experts will help you to decide the right kind of business entity depending on your business requirement, capital investment, etc. They usually recommend that financial services, insurance companies, and banking sectors must open a branch office in Vietnam while others establish a limited liability corporation.

We highly recommend and help you in finding the right candidate for your company who can be the legal representative of the company. They will be helpful legally and also can benefit the company significantly in the areas of taxes and reporting.


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