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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Vanuatu Company Registration

Vanuatu Company RegistrationVanuatu is in Eastern Australia and Northern New Zealand that is made up of 80 islands that are scattered all over the South Pacific Ocean. You can start Vanuatu company registration without hassle. With offshore businesses and tax havens, the rank of Vanuatu is one of the most famous. Actually, it has the most popular locations like the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, BVI, and Jersey. The 80 islands are all in the “white list” of international countries made by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) back in June 2011. Vanuatu International Companies (VIC) investors are attracted by a flexible system made by tax laws that offshore financial centres have.


Company Incorporation

The company’s general information which includes community companies, selecting a company name, deciding how you are going to operate your company, understanding legal obligations for shareholders and directors, company registration, and updated company details.

Registering a company in Vanuatu can be in these forms: foreign company, international company, unlimited company, exempt company, offshore limited liability company, limited liability company, company registration that has separate portfolios, and a secured company that has a separate portfolio. It can also be in the form of fun or a local company.


Requirements for an Offshore Company

    • The government registration fee that is free for the first year
    • The registered address of the office for the first year
    • Registered services in the first year
    • Company secretary maintenance
    • Certificate of organization
    • Articles of organization
    • Minutes of the meeting for the first organizers
  • Ownership certificates
  • Members registration


Options for Company Registration

  • You can register online through a registry services link or using a computer kiosk that is in a VFSC office
  • In case you do not have access to a computer, you can use the paper form found under the ‘laws’ tab

It actually costs less if you will opt for online registration.


Better Flexibility

There are a couple of positive conditions in Vanuatu like their taxes. The VAT of Vanuatu is 12.5%, but they have zero corporate taxes for both local and international companies and those that are exempted from an exchange and capital control, which makes it an excellent place to consider for an offshore company. Even if there are kept accounts, it is not important to file them, nor do they have auditing requirements.

The directors can hold meetings wherever and whenever they want, and however, they want to do it. The same goes for planning meetings with shareholders, and you do not have to hold yearly general meetings. You would also do not have to file yearly returns. Actually, they do not have any requirement on how the records of accounts should be kept. In addition, the Vanuatu Company keeps its minutes, accounts, records, or register it to any location around the world. These records have to be kept as you see it as necessary to the company’s financial position. In addition, it is not mandatory for you to appoint an auditor.


Vanuatu Company Registration

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