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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Turkey Company Registration

Turkey Company RegistrationTurkey is located in western Asia and Eastern Europe. Investing in Turkey can be a great idea as the GDP of this region is expanding at a rapid rate. We at 3E Accounting help you with Turkey Company Registration. We provide valuable services and help you with:

  • Visa strategies
  • Selecting a unique company name and right business entity structure
  • Complete Turkey Company Registration
  • Opening a local bank account
  • Obtaining a taxation number


Why Should You Invest in Turkey?

There are many benefits to investing in Turkey such as:

  1. The Turkey Company Registration process is straightforward and can be completed within a week. The simplest way of Turkey Company Registration is establishing an LLC by hiring one director and one shareholder.
  2. You can set a company in free trade zones and can be entirely exempt from taxes. Also, you needn’t pay any corporate tax, VAT or customs duty.
  3. The economy of Turkey is expanding very fast thus many investors are interested in Turkey Company Registration.
  4. The transport infrastructures are well developed in Turkey. Hence, there is much scope in expanding logistics business in Turkey.
  5. The business-friendly environment of Turkey allows an easy way to do business here. Turkey has much skilled and unskilled labour. In addition, the government protects the investor who is doing business in Turkey.

Despite multiple benefits offered by Turkey, there are many challenges which are not easy to handle. Some of them include opening a bank account and an expensive settlement of any business disputes. Hence, hiring 3E Accounting will help you in combating such challenges which cannot be handled by a foreign investor.

We have a complete team who have many years of experience in Turkey Company Registration. Our team is also knowledgeable with all the government policies and legal laws which are operational in Turkey. We can help you from scratch in handling the entire business registration process.


Business Entities in Turkey

There are different types of business entities in Turkey, and we at 3E Accounting help you in selecting the right business structure for your company.

  1. Limited Liability Corporation: This is the most common way of setting a company here, and the entire process takes up to a week. Further, you need to appoint one company director and one shareholder with a minimum investment of 3,300 Euros.
  2. Branch Office: Foreign companies can set up a branch office in Turkey which is 100% foreign owned. Moreover, the activities of the branch office are liable by the parent companies.
  3. Representative Office: A representative office is established when you don’t want to intend any commercial activity here. This is the best way to conduct a market study, research activities in Turkey.


Turkey Company Registration


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