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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Switzerland Company Registration

Switzerland Company RegistrationHave you ever thought of investing in Switzerland? If you haven’t, then now is the time, as Switzerland company registration is one of the most flexible processes that you can imagine. Endowed with political and economic stability, Switzerland presents you with attractive opportunities that you cannot shy off. But the tax regime, though relatively benign, is rather complicated. Now, 3E Accounting is a typical service provider that can help you in matters concerning taxation. With its widespread network across the globe, 3E Accounting will offer you a business solution services from:

  • Business setup.
  • Accounting and auditing services.
  • Taxation and legal services.
  • Corporate secretarial  and human resource.

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Incorporation Procedures

Any investor will look for a better business environment to establish a firm or business. Switzerland company registration requires several considerations before deciding to legitimize your company. You must first begin by looking for the most suitable trading name for your company. You may also choose to appoint a company’s representative to go through the process of registration. Therefore, you must ensure that all the statutory documents are ready and signed in the presence of the public notary.

From there, the Swiss notary will validate the Articles of Association and the Public deed of incorporation. Moreover, the Swiss Confederation is the authority in charge of the entire company registration process. In case you’re a foreigner and plans to incorporate a company you’ll fill up specific forms.

One of the forms/documents is the Stampa Declaration Form – a declaration on investment and the Lex Friedrich Declaration Form permits foreigners to buy properties in the country.

Switzerland company registration procedures entail a meeting of the shareholders with the Swiss public notary. Here you’ll file an application form for presentation to the Commercial Register Office within the region which your business shall operate. Apart from the application form, you’ll be required to present the following documents:

  • Deed of incorporation.
  • An accredited copy of Articles of Association.
  • A declaration from the Board of Directors and auditors.

Remember to ensure that all members are serving in the company on the official capacity to sign the agreement for the incorporation of the company with the Trade Register in Switzerland.

The Commercial Registry will then publish a notice of the registration in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce.


Other Things to Consider

Notably, Swiss Limited Liability Company (LLC) has preferably opted for the type of legal entity for both local and foreigners. Now, of the common aspects required include the following:

  • There is an unlimited number of shareholders.
  • A minimum of one director who should possess a Swiss residence.
  • A registered office in Switzerland.
  • Annual returns presented to the Registrar of Companies.

For the record, each canton or region has its own business regulations and taxation laws. Therefore, 3E Accounting is out there to help you in attaining tax compliance within the region your business operates.


Switzerland Company Registration

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