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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Spain Company Registration

Spain Company RegistrationIf you have decided to invest in Spain, then it is an excellent start to reap high profits. The market in Spain is quite big thus there is a lot of consumer demand throughout the year. To assist you with Spain Company Registration, we have an expert team who can help you from scratch in setting up your dream company in a beautiful country called Spain.

All the documents must be translated in Spanish during Spain Company Registration. If you do not know Spanish, then it can be the most challenging task for you. However, don’t worry, as we have experts who can handle all the paper works and translate them into Spanish. We also take care to hire excellent and talented workforce for your startup. In Spain, you cannot dismiss any employee easily with poor performance. Hence we make sure you give you the best workforce. There are a few more challenges which can be easily overcome once you have hired our team at 3E Accounting.


Why Should You Invest in Spain?

There are many benefits to Spain Company Registration, and some of them are as follows:


The easy registration process of the company with a minimum capital investment of Euros 3000. It would help if you appointed a director who is responsible for all the business operations of the company. The director can belong to any nationality. With our professional consultancy, you can set up the business in Spain within a month.


Setting up a company in Spain gives you access to multiple markets such as Europe, North Africa, and South America. Spain’s market is 5th largest in Europe serving 47 million people. The tourist market in Spain is quite significant as it is the 5th largest tourist market in the world and 2nd most significant in the European Union.


The government offers many attractive incentives to the new companies formed in Spain such as:

  • Complete funding of R&D firms for six years
  • If your company invest in the employees training program, then the government offers 75% on such social security contributions
  • Inexpensive government loans so that the initial investment amount can be easily covered.
  • The government provides financial subsidy on bank loans, thereby reducing the interest by 3%
  • For every permanent job that you create, the government offers subside of 4,808 Euros.


Spain offers multiple tax benefits to new companies such as:

  • All the export and imports made to European Union are exempted from custom duties
  • Companies operating in free trade zones have a reduced corporate tax of 4%, 7% reduced VAT, exemption from stamp duty
  • Your company needn’t conduct annual audits if you have less than 50 employees hired for two years and if the yearly revenue generated is less than 5.7 million Euros.


Spain Company Registration


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If all these benefits of Spain Company Registration excite you and you are willing to start your business in Spain at the earliest, then get in touch with our 3E accounting team. We will help you in every possible way to begin your business sooner. Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.