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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Seychelles Company Registration

Seychelles Company RegistrationSeychelles company registration is a confusing topic, not necessarily to the locals, but obviously for foreigners. Don’t get us wrong; doing business in Seychelles is great, and the country has been showing a lot of potential among other African countries. You know about it more than us, and that’s the obvious reason for you to want to start a business in Seychelles. However, because of some formalities, many foreign investors are itching their head trying to figure out the registration process.

Guess what- with many requests, 3E Accounting is expanding its wings to Seychelles. From now on, a Seychelles company registration isn’t at all hard. All you need to do is decide that you want a business in Seychelles and contact 3E Accounting. We will take things from there. 3ECPA will register your Seychelles business for you at the lowest time and cost; we have partnered with leading business and accounting experts from Seychelles for this purpose.


Types of Company in Seychelles

The country of Seychelles is very welcoming to foreign investment, and this is clear when there is a separate type of business entity for foreigners. The Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) is the type of business that foreigners can open in Seychelles. But don’t mistake it for something that the government introduced to keep foreigners away from incentives and force them into more investment. As a matter of fact, a Seychelles International Business company get the same privileges in business as the local companies, and they can benefit from incentives and zero tax benefit.

The structure of the Seychelles international business company is very flexible. There is no requirement for a paid-up capital, and you can open a company with only one shareholder. Of course, you also need a director and they should not necessarily be staying in Seychelles. 100% foreign shareholding is allowed and you don’t even need to hold the Annual General Metting.

However, remember that your business plan should be viable and you should be able to show that the business helps Seychelles economy in one way or another. You will need this application along with other documents needed for Seychelles company registration (contact us for more). Also, remember that you have a better chance of being approved if your business generates jobs. Remember that the government of Seychelles takes it very seriously and you must register with the Pension Fund for every employee under seven days of hire. Also, you will need to register with Social security and remit 2% of your employee’s salary every month.


Seychelles Company Registration


3E Accounting is Here to Help You

Starting a business is a great idea, but you should move towards it in the right way. Instead of stressing about the company registration process you should be thinking of ways to enhance your business in Seychelles. Well, that is exactly how we believe we help our clients. Contact us today and have your Seychelles company registration done without any hassle.