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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Russia Company Registration

Russia Company RegistrationRussia company registration process begins by choosing the name for the company in Russian. According to Russian laws, you cannot use certain names like “Russia” as part of your name or apply some foreign abbreviations within your proposed names. It may sound demanding but 3E Accounting will assist you with the documentation process in case you need help. With 3E Accounting you stand you get a spectrum of services ranging from:

  • Business license renewal
  • Taxation and accounting services
  • Auditing and legal services
  • Insurance and human resources
  • Incorporation services

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Documents to Submit

While filing for the application, you must present some of the following notarized documents:

  • A copy of the charter (Article of Association)
  • Copy of the declaration to formulate the company
  • A copy of the foundation contract

You must produce at least four copies of the mentioned documents.

When it comes to Russia company registration, the law requires you to deposit at least 50 percent of the charter capital in the first year of operation. Afterwards, you’ll be required to pay up the registration fee with the State Tax Inspectorate.

Now, you’ll find most investor going for Limited Liability Company where the number of shareholders should not exceed 50 members. The minimum paid-up capital is RUB 10,000, and you can pay up half the amount during the registration and the balance within a period not exceeding three months.


Other Things to Consider

Ensure that your company’s Article of Association contains some of the following:

  • The name and identification of the founder(s) nationality and information concerning their residency
  • Information concerning the minimum share capital of each member.
  • Registered address of the company
  • The activities of the company
  • The rights and responsibilities of each of the owner(s)/founder(s)

If you’re a foreigner registering for Representative Office or a Branch you’ll register with the State Registration Chamber (GRP) and Chamber of Trade and Commerce. Here you will submit a power of attorney, the Certificate of Incorporation of the parent company, the foundation deed among others.

According to the Company Act, you must then, therefore, register with the Federal Tax Service to acquire the single number of state registration and the identification number of the taxpayer (INN). For you to obtain a single number from the state registration, it will take you approximately one week.

Russia company registration cannot be complete without having a corporate bank and a company seal. Opening a corporate bank in Russia is faster depending on the banks because some banks are picky on about whom they need as a customer. But that should not worry you, 3E Accounting will help you with the paperwork and finalize the incorporation procedures.

Besides accounting opening, you must register with the State Committee for Statistics are one of the legal prerequisite government policies.


Russia Company Registration

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