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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Republic of Kosovo Company Registration

Republic of Kosovo Company RegistrationWhen starting the Republic of Kosovo Company Registration, the procedures are just the same for foreign and local companies in the Republic of Kosovo. There is only one procedure to register your business, and the fiscal and VAT numbers that operate through one-stop shops operate in 26 municipalities. You would have set up a bank account, register your company with the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, company seal, and local employee registration for a pension scheme with a tax administration.

Business registration can be from two to eleven days and the following kinds of business can easily be registered, enterprise for a sole-proprietor enterprise, limited liability company, general partnership, and a joint-stock company.


Republic of Kosovo Company Registration – The Registration Office Will Handle

  • New business registration
  • Re-registration of businesses that are temporarily registered
  • Trade name registration, which is useful to any kind of business
  • Kosovar businesses working unit registration
  • Registering the units-representations of Kosovo’s foreign companies
  • Information changes registration that was registered temporarily
  • Receipt of annual reports and yearly financial reports (balance sheets) that come from corporations, limited liability companies, and joint-stock companies
  • Non-functional businesses registration deletion that does not follow the legislations or violate the law
  • Design and distribution of their respective registration forms
  • Certificates issued to registered businesses
  • Provides records and verify documentation copies that come from business registration
  • Office statistics cooperation, tax administration, offices, and other agencies
  • Keeping electronic and written records
  • Giving information to the public through notices publications, printed information on papers, document copies, and internet webpage operation


Limited Liability Company

Kosovo requires your company to have at least 1 shareholder and a director. You should also appoint a tax representative that complies with the Kosovo tax legislation. It requires a capital of at least €1 during the time of incorporation. The majority of LLC clients go for Kosovo because of the company setup.


Public Limited Company

Kosovo requires that there should be at least 1 shareholder who can be an individual or corporation. There should also be at least 1 agent who is appointed to be the fiscal representative as part of Kosovo’s entity that is pointed out by the main company.


Country commercial Guide

This is a document that contains extensive knowledge that creates a market understanding of markets in Kosovo and provides insights that investors need. The report has a lot of information about the legal and trade regulations, investment and political climate, tax regime, customs, and others.


Stable Macroeconomic Environment

This has been achieved with a solid financial system, and reforms were made with fiscal policy in lower tax rates application that belongs in the region. Based on the objectives that Kosovo has set, it is the higher level of competitiveness applied to the domestic economy that is part of the regional market. Their country has made progress, especially with modern infrastructure within Kosovo and connecting regions.


Republic of Kosovo Company Registration

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