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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Portugal Company Registration

Portugal Company RegistrationMany investors are willing to expand their business to Portugal, but there are many challenges here. These range from finding reliable and talented employees to the time-consuming business registration process. Hence, we come to your rescue. We have a complete team of experts who help in every aspect for Portugal Company Registration.

Over the years, we have been offering reliable services to our clients who are willing to open a new company in Portugal. We provide services such as:

  • Portugal Company Registration process
  • Opening a local bank account
  • Recruiting employees
  • Visa strategies
  • Finding a regional office for registered address


Why Should You Invest in Portugal

There are many reasons to invest in Portugal, and our team has drafted the top reasons which will make you open a new company in Portugal immediately:

  1. You can easily set up a company in Portugal within a week by appointing a company director and one shareholder. Further, the minimum investment required for Portugal Company Registration is 1 Euro. With our 3E Accounting services, you can ensure reliable and faster services during the registration process without travelling to Portugal.
  2. The entire business registration in Portugal is quite simple and is cost effective. The rentals in the office are very low. Through our services, you can set up a limited liability corporation within a week.
  3. The government offers many tax benefits to foreign investors. The corporate tax is now down to 17%
  4. There is a corporate tax credit for innovative companies established in Portugal.
  5. The Portuguese companies can carry forward their losses up to 12 years.

Setting up a new company in Portugal can be a good idea as there many benefits offered by the government. Moreover, the rental costs are the lowest in the European Union.

We at 3E Accounting ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled. In addition, we have a complete team who can help you in setting up the company, open a local bank account, marketing, taxation, accountancy. Further, have many years of experience. Thus, we ensure to begin a company in Portugal at the earliest. Our services are known worldwide for reliability and professionalism.


How to Set Up a Company in Portugal

To start a company in Portugal, you need to have a concrete business plan. Then our team will help you with choosing a unique company name which must be registered with the Portuguese Institute of Registries and Notaries. After this, we assist you in obtaining a tax identification number. Our team can help you in finding an assistant who can file the tax on your behalf.

We then assist you in opening a local bank account. We later prepare MoA and AoA and submit it to National Register of Legal Entities, and you will receive Commercial Registry Certificate.

This completes the incorporation process, and we can assist you in recruiting the right employees. After all, all employees need to subscribe to accident compensation insurance. No worries, as our team at 3E Accounting will help you in finding the right insurer.


Portugal Company Registration


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