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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Philippines Company Registration

Philippines Company RegistrationThe Philippines is located in Asia which is full of business opportunities. Many investors from various countries across the world are investing in the Philippines, and if you are planning the same, then you are on the right page. We at 3E Accounting offer best and reliable professional consultancy services for Philippines Company Registration.

Setting up a new company in a new place brings expected and unexpected challenges. Hence, to ease out these hurdles, we offer consultancy services. Our services are valuable as we have a complete team of experts who can handle all the process involved in Philippines Company Registration. Be it the preparation of the document, selecting the right business entity, choosing the company’s name, taxation, accountancy we can handle it all without stressing you out!

Our experts are fully knowledgeable of the Philippines’ corporate laws; hence you can quickly start your business by availing our incredible services.


Different Business Entities in the Philippines

The Philippines has a rich culture, making it a melting pot for startups. While starting a business here, one needs to understand the different business entities of the Philippines so that they can choose them rightly. Our experts understand your business requirement through discussions and questionnaires. They then offer their valuable advice by suggesting the right business entity for you.

  • Sole proprietorship: Under this business entity, the owner of the business thoroughly enjoys the profits of his business and also is liable for the entire company. This is the easiest way to do business in the Philippines. He takes all the major decisions of the company.
  • Partnership: When two people come together to do business, a partnership firm is established. In the Philippines, the partners of the companies must sign an agreement which states the responsibility of the company along with liabilities of the partner towards the company.
  • Corporation: Many medium-sized enterprises are usually interested in setting up a corporation type of entity in the Philippines. There is a minimum capital amount which depends on the company’s investment plan. You need 5 shareholders to start this entity. Every shareholder is liable to his/her investment made.
  • Branch Office: The branch office is set up to conduct business activities in the Philippines. All the decisions of the branch office will depend on the main branch.
  • Representative Office: If you want to understand the Philippines market, then establishing a representative office is a good choice. Although, you cannot conduct any commercial or sales activity through a representative office. However, it is a good way of understanding the market and doing research here.


Philippines Company Registration


We Understand Your Needs

3E Accounting completely understands the challenges faced by new companies in the Philippines. We offer complete help and guidance to our clients who want to establish a business. We have a whole team of experts who can entirely handle the process of company registration very efficiently. Hire us, and we will not let you down.

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