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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Paraguay Company Registration

Paraguay Company RegistrationParaguay is a country situated between Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. Most people have still not tapped into Paraguay’s tremendous potential as most are unaware of it. Paraguay’s financial growth has been steadily on the rise. The agricultural, service and mining sectors have shown rapid growth and variety. Many foreign investors opt to invest in Argentina or Brazil, but a Paraguay Company Registration is a better option due to its steadily growing and stable economy.

The export page of the US has made note of the service sector’s contribution (62.6%) to the nation’s economy. It also has mentioned that the agricultural export sector grossed nearly $11.2 billion USD in 2016 in profits alone. Such a good economy and little exploration so far have made Paraguay one of the best countries to register a company.


Types of Companies in Paraguay

As in other Latin American countries, Paraguay also has two main structures of companies that are most convenient for foreign investors:

  • Sociedad Anonima (SA)

    • Must have at least two shareholders
    • At least one shareholder must be of Paraguay’s nationality
    • The company must register with S.A. in its name
    • Must include authorization letter from the Public Records
    • Minimum requirement of base capital is very less – only $1 USD. However, if the company is conducting export businesses, you have to deposit $10,000 USD
    • The company can be registered within 12 weeks
  • Sociedad De Responsibilidad Limitada (SRL)

    • Must have at least two shareholders
    • At least one shareholder should be of Paraguay’s nationality
    • The company must register with S de RL or SRL in its name
    • An authorization letter from Public Records is not mandatory but recommended
    • The company can be registered within 10-12 weeks
  • Branch Office

    • Must have at least two shareholders
    • They can be of any nationality but must be residents of Paraguay
    • Minimum capital required is $25,000 USD
    • Must follow the same process for registration as SA or SRL
    • Must register with the Registry of Legal Entities and Associations and the Public Registry of Commerce


How to Register a Company in Paraguay?

The best part of Paraguay Company Registration is that it is very easy. Further, the steps of registering a company in Paraguay are as follows:

  • Select a unique name for your company
  • Submit relevant documents at the single access window agency
  • File the documents at the Treasury Attorney Office
  • Get a Tax Identification Number from the Ministry Of Finance
  • Publish the details of registration and the purpose of the company in the legal newspaper

All documents you submit must be notarized.

The documents required for Paraguay Company Registration are:

  • The by-laws of your company. It must include all details, including name, type, tenure, and purpose of the company
  • Authorization certificate from the Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin
  • Details of a Board meeting, including an agreement to the purpose of the company and capital distribution in the company
  • The physical address of the company for legal correspondence
  • Complete details of the owners, partners, directors, and officers of the company
  • Power of attorney to the director/s who will take responsibility of running the company in your absence


What Can We Offer?

Latin America is a region that is full of opportunities. If you are contemplating about registering a business, then we suggest that Paraguay is a very good option for you. Hiring a legal firm facilitates your process and makes Paraguay Company Registration very easy.

We help you through the process in case you wish for a Paraguay Company Registration. For more information and guidance to Paraguay Company Registration, contact 3E Accounting, Hong Kong. We will help you with all aspects of registration.


Paraguay Company Registration

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