Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Nepal Company Registration

Nepal Company RegistrationNepal has had its share of problems, but you can’t overlook the business possibilities it offers. A landlocked country, Nepal is located between India and China. This means you have trade opportunities with some of the strongest economies in the world. Well, Nepal is a very strategic location for trade, especially when the democratic republic has an open border with India. And also, don’t forget that Nepal is the second richest country in water resources, so energy is another sector where you could dwell on. Other reasons to invest in Nepal include the nation’s tourism industry and the government’s policy of rapid development of Nepal after long-awaited political stability. All in all, a Nepal company registration could add up a lot to brag on your business portfolio. And working with 3E Accounting is the easiest way for Nepal company registration without any hassle.

You will need to settle on the type of business entity before you can register a company in Nepal. These are the types of companies in Nepal:


Sole Proprietorship (One-Man Company)

A sole proprietorship, or a one-man company, as its name suggests, is run by a single individual. There is no minimum-paid up capital or any such requirement. Hence, a sole proprietorship is the simplest company entity type in Nepal. However, foreigners aren’t really interested in this type of company, as the possibilities are not so much, and it also has the highest risk factor.


Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is among the most popular company types in Nepal. The minimum paid-up capital is $1, and you need at least one director and one shareholder. In this type of company, the share can be transferred between shareholders, but it is not open to the public.


Public Limited Company

Nepal is one of the most inexpensive countries to live in, and that also reflects in while opening a public limited company. The minimum share capital to open a Public limited company in Nepal is NPR 10 million, which is less than USD 100,000. But remember that you will need at least 3 directors and 7 shareholders. You will also need to appoint a resident secretary. One thing that distinguishes a public limited company from a private limited is that the shares are available in the stock market for the public to purchase in the former.  


Non-Profit Organization

You could also be interested to open a non-profit organization in Nepal. Well, you will need some members, and there is no requirement for any minimum-share capital. But remember, a non-profit organization has to be a non-profit organization; you can’t conduct any business transactions with this type of company in Nepal.


Nepal Company Registration


Enlist Incorporation Services to Simplify Your Business Formation

The business formation process in Nepal is almost similar for all of these business entities. But you need to know that the registration process is confusing for many, especially for those who don’t reside in the country. So, you will need professional guidance to take you through Nepal company registration.

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