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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Mexico Company Registration

Mexico Company RegistrationTaking advantage of the presented opportunities is a noble decision, and one such decision is investing in Mexico economy. Mexico company registration involves some simple steps that are straightforward once your documents are ready. You first must identify the type of entity you want to set up before thinking of any other thing. From there, you can choose your company name before acquiring approval from the Department for Trade (Secretaria de Economia).

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What You Need to Accomplish

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The laws governing Mexico company registration permits you to appoint a representative to do the registration process on your behalf through a power of attorney. And, therefore, you must choose a public notary to draw your Incorporation deed. Further, within your Incorporation deed you must indicate:

  • The approved name of your company.
  • Type of business.
  • The nature of activities intended by the company.
  • The identification documents of the shareholder(s) and founder(s) – addresses, nationality, and professions.

When it comes to Mexico company registration, the notary will need a description (in Spanish) of the intention and activities of the company under formulation. Afterward, you’ll be required to sign the Deed of Incorporation in the presence of the public notary which will necessitate the availability of the following:

  • The availability of all the identification documents of each of the founder(s). For foreigners, they should produce their passport and proof of official presence in Mexico (residence permit).
  • Certified addresses of each of the founders and a utility bill not exceeding three months.

Within a few days, the notary will return at least one accredited copy of the deed signed by the founder as the original remains with the notary for further registration with the public registry.


Other Necessities to Take Note

Besides notarization of the deed, Mexico company registration requires the application and registration of business address. Further, the Mexican laws require that you apply with the Mexican Tax Authorities (SAT). The following documents are important when registering with the SAT.

  • Notarized copy of the deed of incorporation.
  • Attestation of registered address of the company.
  • Identification documents of the duly approved person to conduct the registration.

Now, in Mexico, you must notify the local government of opening your business or company to the public. You can do the notification through online (in Spanish) or possibly personal appearance. Ensure that you have a business permit registered from the locality where you’re operating your business.

According to the Employment Act, you must register with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the National Workers Housing Fund (INFONAVIT) as part of Mexico company registration. You’re eligible to do the registration once you’ve hired your employees.


Mexico Company Registration

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