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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Mauritius Company Registration

Mauritius Company RegistrationA Mauritius business company gives you an opportunity to network with customers across Africa and Asia. Mauritius is a developing country, with the market for many business entities not being concentrated yet, and it means you have enough time and opportunity to grow. However, Mauritius company registration has proven to be confusing for many and thus, 3E Accounting has decided to help investors with it.

3E Accounting, a leading accounting and business partner across the globe, is now available in Mauritius. We have partnered with accountants and business experts specifically from Mauritius for this purpose, and from now on, 3E Accounting’s company registration services are now available in Mauritius. So, if you want to establish a business, all you need to do is decide on the type of company and give 3E Accounting a call. We will undergo the entire registration process for you while you sit back and give yourself more time to formulate your business plan without any stress, just like how it should be.

You will need to know the types of business entities in Mauritius before moving forward with the Mauritius company registration.


Mauritius Limited Liability Company

The Mauritius Limited Liability Company is the most preferred type of business entity in Mauritius. To open a Mauritius LLC, you need at least one shareholder. This individual could be of any nationality and a resident director. The minimum share capital requirement is just USD 1. 100% foreign ownership is allowed on most of the sectors excluding the tourism industry. Also, in the case of the hospitability industry, you will need to invest at least $3,00,0000 if you want to open a restaurant or a food stack.


Mauritius Offshore Company (Global Business Type 2 Company)

The minimum paid up capital for a Mauritius Offshore company is $1. The company requires at least one director and a shareholder, both of whom can have any nationality. Anyway, the company should hire a resident company secretary.

The Mauritius Offshore company is for those who want to set up a company in Mauritius, but conduct business outside the country. Thus, with a Global Business type 2 company, you can’t be trading with locals and can’t use the local currency. However, the good thing to note is that you need not pay any taxes or fine annual financial statements. Thus, this type of company is for those who want to conduct international trade with their Mauritius company.


Global Licence Type 1 Company

The minimum paid-up capital, in this case, is also $1, but you need at least two resident directors. You also need a shareholder and a company secretary, and this company is mainly used as a holding company. The advantage of this type of company is that you can trade with locals with approval from the Mauritius FSP. Also, you might not need to pay taxes on the country where Mauritius has double tax agreements.


Mauritius Company Registration

Looking forward to starting a business in Mauritius? Contact us to accomplish your Mauritius company registration in no time.